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Five on Friday - Gratitude, the first for 2020

My Five on Friday - Gratitude 

A gentle way to round up the week with gratitude and positivity.

  • My dad has been rather poorly. Thankfully this last day or two he has turned a corner and is on the mend. Well enough to joke and laugh with my boys - a relief as it was awful seeing him so unwell.
  • Malty biscuit flavoured tea - what could be better? Smells divine - tastes a little unexpected -  coz I don't take sugar and it smells sweet like a malted tea biscuit until you take that first slurp then it tastes like tea with a gentle undertone of malt - strangely delicious.
  • Crochet - a mindless/mindful activity that keeps my fingers busy and my mind calm and by the end of it .... a warm and snuggly blanket :) win win
  • A clean bill of health for my car - 'Bob' passed his MoT without any trouble, grateful that he did not need any work doing what so ever - phew!
  • A catchup with a dear friend - we nattered and drank lattes for what was ages but felt like moments. We caught up with all our news and family happenings - it was lovely.

Hope you all have had a week full of small treasures and moments that have made you smile. 
Happy Friday and here is to a gently kind weekend xxxxxx

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  1. A car passing its MOT is indeed a wonderful thing, closely followed by crochet!

  2. I can't tell you how relieved I am that he is feeling better. Been a worrying 2 weeks. Glad Bob passed its MOT. Enjoy your odd flavoured tea. It must taste like a dunked biscuits!!

  3. So happy that your dad is feeling better...


  4. Although I don't have a biscuit, I am getting ready to make a buppa tea!
    Glad to hear your Dad is doing better and getting together with a friend is always a lovely treat.

  5. I saw that tea but didn't quite fancy it.
    Good to read your dad is feeling much improved.

  6. I'm so glad your dad is feeling better.
    The tea sounds interesting. I may have to see if I can get hold of some. X

  7. Glad to hear all is well! Happy that your dad is feeling better! That tea sounds delicious. We are covered in snow and only -7.7 Celcius here, which isn't too cold thank goodness but it's tea weather. May you have a great weekend!


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