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During the festive break, once all the jollities were over, I found I had twitchy fingers. I know I have a blanket still on the hook (so to speak) and still have about 30cm more width to add before I can finish it off but I wanted something quick and gratifying.

So I made this -  a small lapghan in Nordic Spirit 'Oslo' a super chunky wool in cream. It took three evenings when I was NOT watching the latest Dracula series. (Ok, I occasionally peeped over the top of the hook and inevitably regretted it!)

It seems that the cats have taken to it somewhat.......

It is, I have to agree with them, very warm and snuggly and perfect to use when on the settee (or when the cats allow it!)


  1. That is lovely. I used to knit but never mastered crochet. Now I am lumpy fingers. Still hold a paint brush.

  2. Lapghan! What a perfect name!

    And certainly perfect for the lovely cats!

    I love the first picture of the black cat. I used to say, that pose, looks like "A Meatloaf" pose. -smile-


  3. It looks so cosy. I also got twitchy fingers and currently have a small project on the hook myself. X

  4. Cats always find the snuggliest warmest places to snooze don't they. My cat is terrible, as soon as I get up, she's there in my seat!

  5. It's gorgeous. I hope they don't fight over who gets to sit on it.

  6. Lovely Kate & I do think you might make a few more for the animals maybe? Take care and huggles.

  7. Oh my, they look adorable and very comfortable! You did make it for them, didn't you?!


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