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This weekend was a first, for us, of many wonderful things.

The first skylark aria filling the moorland with a glorious sound
The first lump of frogspawn nestling in the now naturalised mill pond

The first deliciously green hawthorn shoots
The first batch of lambs 
The first hares on our favourite 'hare lane' up on the moors
The first time noticing the curlews and lapwings paring up
 It made us all smile - especially when the sun came out.
Hope your weekend was as gently lovely as ours,
a perfect antidote to all that madness 
that seems to be


  1. A lovely welcome of spring,, keep well,


  2. Lovely pictures. Love the contented grin on Miss Moss's face. xxx

  3. What a lovely post. I'm so glad someone is seeing signs of spring... it gives me hope! :-)

  4. A beautiful header pic when I opened your blog this evening, its so pretty and made me smile.
    The joy of new life in the lambs, and start of spring and hope to come amidst the mayhem, such a positive and uplifting post Kate, thanks x

  5. Great post; you've beaten me as I planned to do a similar one; saw my first lambs about 10 days ago. Such a joy to see. Miss Moss is muddy so I know she's having a good time! x

  6. Lovely Kate. Did all those ewes have twins, I think I can count 8? Seeing Moss grinning like that without a care in the world, makes me smile. Not too bad a weekend here, under the circumstances & I think I snapped at least 4 of my "hunt" photos, including birthday, as that is why we went bush. DH's birthday & trying hard to stay away from crowds etc. as they are advising. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  7. Lovely photos, I even smelt the fresh air

    Julie xxxx

  8. Lovely 🥰

    Saw a hare on the way back from a nearby nature reserve yesterday, absolutely beautiful.

  9. Beautiful photographs, I can never get enough of wide open spaces and fresh air. The last one is priceless. X


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