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My suggestion

In these strange and unsettling time please can I make a suggestion or two ....

Blog - still blog, may be your world has shrunk to the size of your garden, your flat, your bedroom. Blog - still blog, keep that life line, not just for you but for others. Even a small post on that silly thing your cat did/husband said/you saw on the internet will bring a spot of light to someone who is stuck at home. Stay in touch.

Create - if you can, create. Not for profit, but for you. Doodle, sketch, stitch, sew, knit, crochet.

Bake - nothing extravagant, something simple and have it with a mug of tea/coffee with the other castaways living with you. Warm scones (the BBC scone recipe is easy and quick) or easy biscuits are so comforting at a time like this.

Jigsaws - you know that pile of them you have stashed away? ... somewhere .... which you promised yourself to do? Seek them out, find them and find that simple pleasure of putting that final piece of the jigsaw in :D

Garden - if you have a garden - get out there - it is lovely here today. Potter on the patio, tinker on the balcony (none of these are euphemisms I hasten to add!!) Water the houseplants. Prune the bonsai, mist spray the climbing plants, sow seeds.

Talk. Ring that friend, message that work mate, text your cousin, send that email. Send it with love and support and you will get that love and support back.

Stay in touch xxxx


  1. Couldn't have said it better

  2. Oh, sweet thoughtful girl, Amen to all that. Especially your first about continuing to blog. With your permission, may I put what you wrote on mine?

  3. Wise words and suggestions to help us all through. X

  4. I've just set out a new jigsaw on the dining table - great suggestion!

  5. Just what I've been doing these past few days! Happy to repeat and repeat. x

  6. My sentiments exactly & I'd thought of a post quite similar, but as I've very few followers I really wondered whether it would go unnoticed or thought of as stupid by some. Can I add one thing? Photo archives are invaluable at a time like this, to look back & know that you have done lots & can post things from the past. Thanks Kate. Stay safe, take care & huggles from afar.

  7. Big thumbs up .... great post.

  8. Tomorrow I'm having a zoom meeting with 3 very good friends. One lives in Saudi Arabia at the moment. Whatsapp has been a godsend too. Arilx

  9. Great post love the ideas
    I do all that except Jigsaws but I do patchwork which I suppose could be a sort of jig=saw

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Julie, I shall blog about this eventually, but your comment to Kate made me smile.

      I also do patchwork and the last few days have unearthed a very large bag of pre-cut hexagons which were purchased well over a decade ago. I already had a pile of pre-cut fabric scraps which happily are the right size and have been spending evenings mindlessly tacking fabric over the shapes. No idea what I shall do with any of it, but it’s very relaxing. And it has the “jigsaw puzzle problem” of becoming a little addictive in style the “Oh, I will just do one more and then stop” and finding myself still at it an hour later!

      Stay safe, stay well, and good luck. xx

  10. Oh, such a cute thought! I love your suggestions! Last week I and my daughter had baked some chocolate cookies for her friend's birthday party. I hope to make skype calls to my cousin this weekend. We had recently visited a shop where we bought a pet from Talking parrot sales chennai .


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