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He sits there, draped over the chair with legs dangling far too long for his rapidly growing body to cope with. His eyes are downward, fixed to the small bright screen flashing communications from his girlfriend. Although not garrulous by nature, his conversation has reduced to a few select noises which seem to be universally used for whatever response.....
'Would you like a brew? Kettle is going on, want a tea?'
'You on your phone?'
'Are you are your phone still?'
You get the picture.

He does still have moments of gangly giggling silliness where his once boyish voice was, is now a baritone boom. I can still hug him tight and I value each and every day that he allows that as I am sure that privilege will eventually cease. Something else that has changed - he is the same height as me and it won't be much longer that he will overtake me. Where once he would accept my advice or suggestions, it is now that he offers up instruction or guidance. Often given with a roll of the eyes and a sigh of teenage resignation as his mother fights with technology or appears to be driving like an old lady.

Our taste in music - both eclectic I have to admit, however, his tastes are for the 'old stuff'' while I can  be found bouncing in the kitchen to Pendulum or Dead Mau5, his MP4 is jam-packed with Queen, Edwin Starr and Meatloaf. Oh there is some modern tracks on his playlist too, but they are in the minority........ I sink down in my car seat when his music is blasting out - Queen 'Fat bottomed Girls' whilst I am driving - oh dear - hope people don't think its me!

My heart swells with love and pride for him with one moment then the next I have the urge to grind my teeth and cuss about him and his teenage ways. His bedroom - once a space to store toys and model aircraft  is now a bolt hole where his clothes languish idly across the floor and tropical plants, cushions and CDs congregate.

Don't get me wrong, watching him blossom and grow into a fully fledged adult is part-pride, part-fear all-love and I am so very pleased to be part of his life.


  1. Hi Hawthorn - you describe the typical teenage behaviour so well - the beginnings of a gorgeous young man! Enjoy him - don't know about his music though!!!
    Lovely weekend to you,
    Joy x

  2. Queen!! Yes, he has wonderful taste in music; I too like Fat-bottomed girls.... I have been known to drive with Queen blasting from my car.... still do occasionally. Sounds like you are having fun watching him grow up, the times they are a'changing...

  3. Fabulous description of your son....brings back memories :-)
    Mum's love and pride almost palpable in the description....emotive. Tropical plants...I didn't expect that ???

    I was also delighted with your kitty in a bag post :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  4. Don't worry, you may think he's growing up and moving away but I can assure you a son will always have room in his busy life for some special time with his mum!

  5. Yes, we too have watched as Eldest has grown from a lovely boy into a gangly teenager - and still just as lovely. Watch out, Youngest is not far behind!!

  6. I'm so glad mine isn't dating yet but no doubt I won't have long to wait

  7. OK, made me cry...don't do that! :-) What a sweet and loving description. Before you know it you'll be standing on the steps just to give him a hug...that's me now. They do get away from those hugs, but they start tolerating them better in their late 20s or so. Enjoy every minute with your Eldest. I agree with him...Rock on with Queen!

  8. I could feel your joy and sadness in this post. They do grow up so very fast. Hug him lots and lots while you still can. But just so you know, in a few years, you will be able to start hugging him again. :)



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