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You know when it is right.....

.....when this happens...............

This is after LESS THAN ONE WEEK!

Thank you Pan for accepting Pepper so quickly and so completely xxx

It took over 10 days before our Lily-cat accepted a very needy and scared kitten -  Pan - and even then it was only with a sigh of resignation.


  1. That's a lovely sight Kate and I really enjoyed your garden photos blog too

  2. Yes, a post about Pepper. Oh the number of times I have checked to see if there was one.... heart-warming photos and such good news.

  3. I was so happy to see Pan and Pepper bonding so well when I made the mistake of clicking on your link to Lily-cat and it made me well up all over again. So I have just looked once more at the bundle of happy fluff balls and feel better. So glad Pan is accepting her new friend so well. Just what she needed.


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