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What are weekends for?

Weekends tend to be family time, we try to walk (weather permitting) at least one of those days. 

This weekend was not one of those.

We gardened, the weeds are gleefully strangling all my plants.

It rained. 

Youngest had an urge to make a chocolate cake.
Himself got himself covered in plaster dust.

Youngest had an urge to take photos in the garden,  so borrowed my camera.
The kittling took to inspect the plumbing.

Himself covered himself in wallpaper paste.

Pan sat in the bath out of sight of a giddy kittling.

We had to listen to Eldest's latest choice of CD... an 'interesting' choice.....our ears are still recovering.

We went shopping - gah - I hate shopping - but we had to get ingredients for a chocolate cake.

Eldest went out to the movies with the girlfriend.

Wallpaper fell on my head....several times.

It rained.

Himself got himself covered in plasterboard trimmings.

Then Pan hid from the kittling - think she had had enough of its kitty-giddiness.

I got my hands covered in builder's foam - which made the wallpaper stick to me rather than the wall.

Eldest needed collecting from the girlfriend post  movie outing.

I pulled out many cactus hairs from my knuckle.

We ate super tasty super rich chocolate cake.

The cats were banished from the attic - for putting hairs and claw holes in the wallpaper.

Then, this rather disjointed weekend ground to a halt. 

Not really sure what we actually achieved or got up to......

And you?


  1. Great entertaining post Hawthorn - that's what family weekends are for - you describe it so well!
    Lovely pics and especially of the kittykats - love them!
    Compared to you we had a very sedate quiet weekend - had one of our grandsons, and our daughter, here for soup and crusty bread after his soccer game on Saturday, then a nice country drive on Sunday. I did say 'sedate'!
    Have a great week,
    Joy x

  2. I need a lie down after reading all about your activities. Love the pictures of Pepper and the tap. As for Himself covered in all sorts of things, brilliant images in my head.
    My weekend? Thanks for asking; gardening, up at the fields and a brief support-the-economy-visit to Skipton to Attic 24's studio.

  3. Can I borrow Youngest to make me a chocolate cake? That looks so scrumptious!



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