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Buzz buzz busy busy.

On Saturday, whilst I was filling a bucket with weedlings, Youngest could be found crawling around the flowerbeds with my camera firmly stuck to the front of his face. He was squinting with concentration and snapping away. Thank goodness for digital photography...... He was a man on a mission.

Anyhoo - he proudly announced that he was doing a survey to see how many bees were in our garden. We had been discussing them or rather the lack of them a few days before.

We don't have nearly as many as we did a few summers ago, but we found some normal honey bees, buff tailed and red tailed bumble bees, wasps and hoverflies - lots and lots of hoverflies.

Most of Youngest's photos have a blurry insect blob on a flower but he did take enough to make a couple of montages.

This led to a number of bug hotels being made and dispersed around the garden - told you Youngest was a man on a mission.....


  1. Just love bees! Have logs of bumble bees but very few hone bees in my garden. Looks like you have a tree bumble bee on the blue flowers of the Jacob's Ladder plant. Today a wasp in the polytunnel decided to land on my hair. Managed to persuade it to move on without getting stung!

  2. Love his bee pictures. Budding pro here.

  3. Well, 'youngest' did a fab job with your camera and I must say your pretty garden is certainly encouraging our much needed but (reputedly) diminishing bee population!
    Joy x

  4. I love it when younger ones are keen photographers, they capture great images!


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