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sweet treats

Two years ago, I planted one or two small wild strawberry plants, I wanted them to cover bare patches of soil in the garden. The first year they quietly rambled about and I smiled benevolently at their cheerful little flowers and competed with the birds for the few strawberries.

The following year the plants and the strawberries were of a greater number but still not enough for the birds and ourselves, so we picked one or two juicy intense brilliant red berries and enjoyed the taste sensations on our tongues.
This year. The wild strawberries have reached their potential and have rampaged joyfully across any bare soil. They have flowered with gay abandon and the mini crop of strawberries has been glorious. We can pick handfuls of sweet sweet bright red fruits on a daily basis and they are delicious!



  1. I have to share mine with the birds as there are not enough to pick more than a couple a day. You are lucky to get handfulls!

  2. How gorgeous - I can almost taste them, you have told this little story so well! Thank you!
    Joy x

  3. I have a couple fo strawberry plants in pots (it's the only way to keep off the many slugs in our garden) and there's loads more berries than last year and best of all - no-one but me wants to eat them!


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