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Hose pipe pieces in various colours

I have been a bit quiet on the downsize and declutter challenge I set myself but we are still shifting things either to the charity shop or via Freegle.

Have you ever heard of Freegle?

It metamorphosed  from Freecycle into Freegle a few years ago but still is a lifeline for anyone one trying to declutter their homes or have a need but have a very tight budget.

We have over the years managed to rehome a lot of 'stuff' that we didn't need to folk who did.  I regularly get bulletins with the latest wants and offers, some quite legitimate and others...well lets say... a little odd.

For example...
OFFER: approx 2 ton of rubble - can not deliver, come and collect otherwise am taking to the tip.
WANTED: i want a nintendo wii or som otha game plz
OFFER: Got a bag full of pieces of hose pipe, mixed colours - first come first gets.

Some requests seem to have the worst spelling possible...not even text-speak is this rubbish....

OFFER: im looking fore some old glamor magizens for a project im doing. i want old ones becuase they need to be tastfull not shocking. I can collect an dont mind if you only one or a hundred,any will be apreciated thank you

Some requests or offers are very specific -

WANTED: I want an anvil and a vice and a kiln. Look at the back of your shed or your garage and if you want to get rid of them I will make good use of them.

2 sachets raspberry flavour energy drink
i sachet lemon flavour energy drink
2 sachets hot chocolate drink
4 sachets sugar free chewing gum
4 sachets coffee creamer
3 sachets white tea mix
2 sachets sugar
1 sachet boiled sweets with honey or cough drops

Not sure if I would want to either meet the bloke wanting the anvil or the woman who has had a clear out of her cupboard.....

But, jokes aside, it is a brilliant way of passing on unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary stuff and it is a great service manned by volunteer moderators - you should check out your local branch and declutter your home and if you feel the need - get a bag of hose pipe pieces - in various colours....!


  1. Free rubble??? Perfect for building roads with up at our fields! So not such a weird offering....

  2. My daughter in law uses this a lot. I'm amazed at the things she can easily dispense with and now ignore anything strange left "out the front" as I know they'll have disappeared in a day or two.

  3. I find reading spelling like that so depressing. They are not typos or as you say text speak as they are obvious but just downright ignorance. A poor reflection of modern youth. What have they learnt at school?

  4. This post made me smile Ian big big way. I love Freegle, and have made great use of it over the years. And as you point out, great for a giggle now and then too ;)

  5. I've probably missed my chance at those hosepipe pieces by now - shame


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