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Ta-da! A quick how-to and a happy me :)

A little while ago, Jak (aka my mom) sent me an image she had found on the tinter and I was inspired! It was using an old plastic pop bottle and with a snip here and a cut there it makes the most wonderful mini propagator. The picture she sent didn't have any instructions and I am sorry that I can't credit it as I now can not find it - if you know who/where it comes from - let me know so I can link to it and give credit where it is due.

Until then - here is my version!

You will need a large plastic bottle - wash it out and remove all labels and the lid 
including the little secruity band below the lid.
 Once it is clean cut off the top flared piece before it begins to become the main body,
 then measure it against the base of the bottle.
Cut the middle section of the bottle away.
 Insert the 'funnel' end of the bottle into the base and trim until both pieces are the same height
make sure the mouth of the bottle reaches the base.

Pour in water until it fills just the neck of the bottle before it widens out, pop in your cutting making sure it just reaches the water and fairly quickly roots appear. The cutting sits in the 'funnel' part without rotting in the water and the water seems to stay cleaner and clearer for much longer!

I have a row of these mini propagators and they are rather pretty when the sun light shines through it them in the morning. A vast improvement on the motley crew of jars and glasses I used to use.

Happy happy me :)


  1. Ah, so that is what you wanted the bottle for, looks good. It came from one of those sets of photographs that do the rounds on the net. Sent from Hazyview friend.

  2. Good idea, I'll give that a go!

  3. Thanks for passing that on Hawthorn and for explaining and showing it so well! Fab idea!
    Joy x

  4. Great idea! Clever you to make one without instructions.


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