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Today, whilst walking, a thought or two rattled around my head.

Expect the unexpected.
A hairy haggis of highland coos on the moorland road in West Yorkshire

Sleep more.
Boys, whatever their ages, will be boys.

Footbridges have a symmetrical beauty of their own.

A small bottle of kids bubbles brings me endless joy. I carry it in my backpack.

Woodland glades have a wistful magick about them.

I love my family.

It is never too warm to knit.

Get more sleep.

Carry more water - your son will probably drink yours once he has finished his......

Walk more - it clears my head.

I love finding oddities 
like this small laminated card tucked into the derelict rail bridge footings giving details and dates. 
I am holding it as near to it's original site as possible.

Hot sheep can't be bothered to move.

Some weeks are good 
and some just don't live up to my expectations. 
I have to accept that.

Not exactly revelations but gentle reminders to myself of things I love, things that happen, things I should do and things I have done.


  1. Love the woodland glade.... Even I can appreciate its cooling shelter today. Bridge is wonderful too. Have always harboured the thought of a similar bridge at home but it is not possible! Up at the fields perhaps if we put a pond in? Great weather!!!

  2. Very wise thoughts methinks. Your pictures encapsulate Britain for me, so green and lovely.

  3. Such a beautiful and wise post Hawthorn and perfect pics - I will need to keep coming back and re-viewing these beauties, thank you so much!
    Joy x

  4. Breathtaking photos. The bubbles made me smile...for my 56th birthday Bill gave me a bubble machine...relaxing and love to watch the bubbles float up through the trees. You certainly have a blessed life knitting chick!


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