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In which we go walking...

It didn't have the best of starts, our walk that is.

We'd already set off and been going 15 minutes when.....we had to turn back to collect my wallet. Big sigh from husband. 

Then having returned home, found the errant wallet and had gone about 20 minutes when whilst trundling along a quiet country lane, a large lamb leapt out of the hedgerow. Himself stamped so hard on the brakes it felt as if the car did a nosestand and the sheep disappeared from view. We all gasped and held our communal breath and for a brief moment there was no movement.

Suddenly a dazed but perfectly fine sheep dashed out from beneath the car, ran up the lane and shot back through into the hedge. Phew.

Time for our walk.

 Lunch break
 Spooked highland bullocks
 Just us
 Shades of blue and purples
 Shades of yellow

 Another local

Tortie cats and Indian Runners 
Oops - been spotted by one of the cats!

Think that cat has just given us the 'stink eye'!

The problem with working on Saturdays is that your weekend is drastically shorter and as a consequence seem to fly by even quicker that normal.

Still - going to keep a positive lid on things and see it as a count down to our summer holidays!

Woo Hoo here they come :)


  1. Lovely photos; see you found an orchid, common I think. I've found two up at the fields but yet to check it is the common one. I particularly like the furry pictures.

  2. Lovely post and pics Hawthorn, I love your views of the beautiful countryside and feel like I've been on the walk with you!
    Gosh that last cat looks so bad-tempered doesn't it - AND like it could use a good groom, but I fear no-one would get near it with a brush!
    Joy x


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