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Painting and decorating.....

Much to Eldest's delight, Youngest has finally been able to move into his own room. Himself has been snatched time after work and during weekends to convert our rather small, dark and dingy attic to a lovely airy and bright room.

Although not completely finished, Youngest has happily moved in and made the space is own.  It did mean that the shared bedroom suddenly looked old and tatty. So, with much consulting of paint swatches and magazines - Eldest chose himself some rather grown up and gorgeous colours. A deep turquoise and a tonal lighter sea-froth blue. 

I started painting with Eldest and for a while we slapped on the paint happily until I felt it was time for the kettle to go on. When I returned - I found that Youngest had taken up my brush and was equally happily sloshing on the paint (the carpet needed a little cleaning after he'd moved on....the less we mention that the better....) 

Any hoo - the boys were not the only ones covered in paint (carpet not included)



  1. How on earth did Pepper get pain on her legs??? Did one of your sons lose his paintbrush or, more likely I think, did Pepper decide to help? Such a cute photo of her anyway! Good news about the boys' individual rooms!!!!

  2. How exciting to have their own rooms! Nothing brings a family together like DIY :)

  3. OOPS!
    She's so cute and quite the trendsetter! :-) That is a popular color right now.
    Nothing like having your own space and having a hand in creating it. My son painted his own room when he came back from college...we won't mention his carpet either.
    As well as some places around his sliding door. Have a good week and enjoy the new rooms! Best, Vicki

  4. Good of Pepper to try and clean the carpet for you

  5. Looking good! Curtains ready too. Did Pepper get paint on her feet all by herself???or did she get help???

  6. What exciting changes for your boys - and poor little Kitty - how did you get that colour off those sweet little legs? Or maybe not?
    Isn't it wonderful what a coat of paint will do to a room, and I do like your son's choice of colour!
    Have a great week Hawthorn,
    Joy x

  7. Looks like fun... boys will feel good when they both have yummy new rooms to 'live' in.
    Poor Pepper-kit. Hope it didn't take too long to get paint from her legs.
    Life is fun with a kitten to help things along.

  8. That's a good color for her!!! I know the boys are delighted to have their own rooms.


  9. Sweet and silly little thing... providing a lifetime of entertainment hehe.


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