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Sun's shining - let's sniff the daisies.

What's this? Another day of sunshine! Good grief what a novelty, still, I shall enjoy it while it lasts.  (Mind you with a rather nasty sniffy little cold, I can only potter about the garden without a major coughing fit)  What better excuse to get the camera out and go looking for a little colour.  (I was inspired by a fellow blogger to make these mosaics of my garden - thank you purple threads :) ) 

 Shades of whites and greens - 
Astrantia Major, Wild Garlic,  Aruncus dioicus, Spirea japonica, 
Comfrey (Russian - I think), Euphorbia amygdaloides, Tiarella cordifolia, Tellima gradiflora,
Rodgersia, Solomon's Seal, Microlepia fern, and the unknown flower - any ideas? I have given up looking for it in my books or on the tinter, so any suggestions?

Blues, Purples and almost blacks
Geranium phaeum , Speedwell, Geum Rivale Leonard's variety, Clematis Pamela Jackson, Geranium phaeum  'Mourning Widow'
Chives (in tight bud), Dicentra formosa, Geranium phaeum 'Rachel's Rhapsody', Alchermilla mollis leaf with water droplets,, Forget-me-knots

Oranges, yellows, pinks and lime green
Geum 'Mrs Bradshaw', Alpine Strawberry, primula, Euphorbia griffithii and orange Welsh poppies,
Aquilegia, Celindine, Euphorbia amygdaloides , Aquilegia

What a pleasant way to spend a bit of time in my garden  :)

Hope you got out into the sun today xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hawthorn


  1. No sun here yesterday I'm afraid but out and radiant this morning. Could that be wild garlic in your garden? That has lovely little white flowers and a garlicky smell when you rub it between your fingers!

  2. Love the mosaics. I might do some more but this time say what the flowers are!!!! It is comforting to find all these floweres and shades of green when, at first glance, the garden looks drab. These past few days of sunshine (yes we have had 3 now in a row) have made many of my flowers bloom.

  3. Fantastic color. What a varied and bright garden. I've killed every houseplant I've ever tried to grow in my wee apartment. Including the succulents :(


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