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How was it for ewe?

Harrogate Woolly weekend?

It was baaa-vellous, ram packed with woolly goodness, we were lamb-asted with sheep shearing, spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crochet, fleeces, fibres, tops and I was there - not as a visitor but as a helper on the Rare Breeds Trust stand. It was brilliant :) We all took turns in manning the stall and would swap around which allowed us to wander around and see the other stalls.

A part of my 'duties' was to help walk in the sheep as they were part of the display. Each one a rare breed and a precious link to an ancient animal. If was great fun being part dragged and part led in by Ronaldsay, Hebridean and Boreray sheep.

If I am honest, it was not as busy as I expected it to be and the general consensus was that at present there is an excess of fleece and fibre shows at the moment and the market has been saturated. Which is a shame.

However, it did mean we got to chat to most of the other stall holders and get a chance at the free workshops!

A dear dotty friend and myself chose to do a felting 3D form workshop. We have both felted before so we felt a bit naughty doing the introductory course but once we got our hands soapy and our fibres began to take shape - we just got on with it and enjoyed ourselves!
1. Dear Dotty-friend making her felted purse
2, The beginnings of my 'pebble' bowl
3 Finished 'pebble bowl on our stall along with my knitting and crocheted hat to show how Ronaldsay wool works up
4. A collection of makes by us - my pebble' bowl, Dotty's purse, another Rare Breeds member's coaster

It is late - and I am surprisingly tired - so I'll stop here - but I will share more stories with you soon!


  1. Hi There! Been missing reading your blog lately so I made plans to catch up today! Between school and getting well I have gotten behind on many things. Looks like you had an enjoyable time with the sheep and fibers. Seems like a soothing and special way to spend time. Hope you are well! Best, Vicki

  2. Replies
    1. Harrogate Woolly Weekend at the Yorkshire show grounds - the permanent marquee where the Quilting show was the weekend before x

  3. Thought I recognised the Ronaldsay wool hat. Glad you had a good day and another go at felting. Love the little bowl.

  4. I don't think the British Wool Weekend is as well publicised as it could be and entry is quite expensive. It's a shame as the idea of a purely British wool show is great. Come and see Yarndale in a couple of weeks, I reckon it'll be busier

  5. Ohio do so want it make a felt pebble, bowl or some other similar shape. This has been on my to-do list for years but never seems to make it to the top of the list! Love the look of what you both felted.

  6. The results of the felting are really lovely, and you did a lovely job with the hat too, Hawthorn - looks like gorgeous wool! Gosh you do keep busy - wonderful!
    Joy x


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