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Visual delights, its show progress....

I'm still on with things from the woolly weekend.
This time it a visual feast - so sit back and be prepared for a photo-fat edition!

A fair proportion of the fleeces, wools and garments of offer were the muted hues of undyed sheep fleece but dotted in between these natural tones of the native sheep were spots of fantastic colour,  just behind us was a stand just bursting with zingy shades filled with tops and fibres for the felter and spinner - simply candy for the eyes! I had decided not to be drawn into this wonderland of possibility.........
...however, I have to confess my steely determination not to spend wavered at this point - did I buy something? Of course I did! Can you guess what finally made me open my purse and hand over some hard earned cash??? Answers at the end of the post :)

Opposite us hung a 'sampler' of epic proportions! There were a variety of examples of knitted squares, a crocheted one, felted squares and surround the centre,  the picture squares were images screened on to fabric then needle felted to create a multi-textured wall hanging. All the wools used were from native British sheep.

I kept visiting (but managed not to spend) a button emporium of unimaginable delights! It was like a sweet shop - only without the calories :)

In between the muted tones of the native sheep fleece were spots of fantastic colour, one stand just bursting with tops and fibres for the felter and spinner - simply candy for the eyes!

And my purchase?

A drop spindle.

Happy happy me :)


  1. Love those buttons. I knew it would not be long before you bought yourself a drop spindle! Interesting mixture on that sheep themed wall hanging.

  2. Oh how I am drooling, all over my keyboard... Such wonderful things to buy. Will the show be there next year? If so, I must make an attempt to visit it.... Can't wait to see your drop spindle in action!

  3. I knew we'd draw you into fibre fun before too long :-) Drop spindles are very portable and think of all the lovely yarn you'll produce for your knit/crochet projects.

  4. Well what can anyone say on experiencing such a display of colour and beauty - WOW! - and again - WOW!
    I'm sure you'll make good use of your drop spindle Hawthorn - well done!
    Joy x

  5. Just love the wall hanging and all those other bright fun colours!


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