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A true tale of the Unruly Wellies

For years now, every time we go through the back door, we trip over a pile of wellies. Himself or I pick them up or I screech at which ever son has just stepped out of his boots and left them there in the doorway.

The next time we walk through, they have fallen over again ready waiting to catch us.

It's worse in winter. The wellies cluster menacingly at the door just waiting to trip up any unsuspecting visitor.

Today, I finally reached wayward-wellie-boot saturation levels and look what happened!!
Before - an unruly wellie-boot pack loitering with intent....

Himself made me a boot rack this afternoon
 and set it up in the yarden near the gate

And voilà!

Quiet and well behaved boots.

Happy? Moi?


ps - please read through the comments - 
see if the second one along makes you laugh out loud like it did for me!! 
Dear TTML - I do love you! xx


  1. It is 'funny' how long one puts up with something and then such a simple solution is found! Just a word of warning, will everyone put their willies in pairs? I can see a future blog where you talk about the pain of wearing mismatche wellies!

    1. I know I live in a household of males but I doubt they will be putting their willies pairs!!! You have completely made my day - I am now laughing too much to return to my college work!!

    2. I offer my apologies!!!! I will either not leave any more comments or ensure I use safe words that my iPad cannot twist, eg, boots instead of wellies..... I always check how I spell possible.....

    3. Dear dear TTML - you better keep on commenting - life would be a lot less lovely with out you!

  2. Oh dear, there are typos and then there are fantastic typos!! I have just laughed so much I could not read for tears in my eyes!! You have made my day too.

  3. What a fantastic idea and why did it take so long - never mind - one mustn't complain, especially when the death traps have now been removed! Clever hubby!
    Joy x

  4. That's a great idea, I need to tell my husband. He might be inspired!

  5. No, TTML, do not stop your comments, they are always a pleasure to read. (Plus you did give us a good laugh this time) We would miss you :)

  6. Comment 2 fabtastic. brilliant solution if they remember to use it


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