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A Cow by any other name!

Something that just tickled us when we were out walking on our holidays - the cows not only sport their official breed and herd numbering, they proudly bear their names.

And what wonderful names they have been given -
Top row : Bluesky Morn 2, Bluesky Samantha, Million Patsy
Bottom row:  Bluesky Samantha (again), Jeeves and finally Dodge.

We took loads of photos of these girls while we tried to find Youngest's lost wallet. The girls were exceptionally friendly and curious, so taking photos was not difficult at all - the only problem was they tended to get in so close that the camera kept going out of focus!
I love the whorl of hair on her face :)


  1. It is nice to see names (as well as the required number) on a cow/beast. Makes me smile. Pity about the lost wallet.

  2. I always think cows have such lovely faces. :). Wish my eyelashes were so long too!

  3. Lovely names, nice idea to put their names on their tags.

  4. Lovely names for lovely cows. It's not till you get up close you realise just how big these animals are!


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