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Today, it felt right.

When the sky is as blue as this......
And the colours as autumnal at these.....
  It seems right to leave everything behind.
The un-vacuumed carpet. The pile of clean washing waiting to be put away. 
It seems right to sit on the side of a hill and eat lunch and steal a moment or two to knit another row.
To look across a breathtaking view. Ageless and timeless.
The feeling of space and freedom and the ability to find a comfortable rocky nook so to escape into a book.
The communal delight at sharing an unexpected find - an old humpbacked stone bridge.
It feels appropriate to breathe in sharp autumn air and feel it right to the base of your lungs. 
To feel it's chill burn the back of your throat then watch it leave you when warmed and steamy.
Dragon's breath.

To smile at the length of your legs that autumnal shadows afford you.
To feel the gentle warmth of the autumnal sun on my cheek, to walk and talk and hold my man's hand 
and to hear my boys chat - it feels good and makes me feel complete.

These precious moments help outweigh the treacherous and  boggy terrain and tired legs, 
helps when gritting my teeth at my bad knee tightening as its refuses to comply.

Then, once back in the car, with soaked feet and the heater on full, 
I can feel my cheeks burning, 
it felt right.
It felt right to be out on the hills on a day like today.

So glad we did it.


  1. When it's right, it's right. Glad you took the time to be out with your family. Enjoy those times while you can.


  2. So, so right, such lovely pictures too.

  3. Wonderful photos and words; yesterday was the day to be out and about. Feel free to copy my motto 'sod the housework'!

  4. I have to agree whole heartedly with Lovely Lady, as I glance at the clock and realise that the hoover has been plugged in for at least an hour and hasn't as yet left it's resting place.

  5. And it looks and feels so right to me too Hawthorn - what beautiful pics and how beautifully written your post is! Thank you for sharing your precious 'just right' moments! Hugs, Joy x
    PS I tried leaving you two messages yesterday but they seemed to disappear, so I hope this one is okay! x

  6. Looks like it was a perfect day. Lovely words and pictures as usual.

  7. Love those old stone walls and arches. There's unfortunately nothing like that around these parts. You really have the best walking paths around. Also, your son has good choice in reading material :)


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