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No - really I am!

Just seem to have been snowed under by life itself.

My little cold- starting off innocuously enough - raged horribly by the end of day one and sent me scurrying off to bed for three days - unheard of!
Then, having managed to get over it, I dragged myself around like a limp lettuce for several days more.

Feeling crook does nothing for crafting or writing or being enthusiastic about anything other than loitering near the wood burner whilst nursing a steaming mug of tea.

The only ones that seemed to really enjoy my ill health were my cats - they were delighted at finding a lap that was just ready for curling up on.

Now I am feeling a little less revolting and a whole lot more human I shall get my blogging mojo back!

Just you wait!

Oh - before I forget - I did manage (for medicinal purposes of course) to lift my knitting pins and finish a few things....will share pictures and stories soon, promise xx


  1. Well hello Hawthorn - I was beginning to be concerned about your absence and am so happy that you are recovering now - sounds like you've had a bad time of it - I'm certain it takes a lot to pull you down!
    So don't make it quite full steam ahead yet, you need to be kind to yourself for a while, in fact it would be a good habit to get into for the future too! Looking forward to seeing your finished projects, love and hugs, Joy xo

  2. sorry you've been so ill but glad you're on the mend. I've missed you

  3. Glad you are backed as you have been missed. Even when one is ill, one has to see if one is getting better by trying out some crafty stuff and so you must be getting better!

  4. Glad you are now feeling better and back in blogging mood again. Missed your regular blogs and photographs.

  5. Not nice at all, poor you! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Oh Hawthorn, so sorry you have been under the weather, but very glad you are feeling much better now.



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