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You don't have to be a princess......

.....to stay in a tower.

We, Eldest, Youngest and myself spent a week up in Galloway - ensconced in a Tower gate house just a few steps from a rocky shore.
At night I fell asleep listening to the sea crashing on the rocks and in the morning whilst the boys were drowsily getting dressed, I would drink my coffee sitting on the shoreline watching the sea frothing and foaming just below my feet.

In the distance I could see the island of Heston with it's resident sheep and if I squinted hard enough I could just make out the distance shores of the northern Lake District.

The boys would eventually stumble out of the tower with ruffled hair and bleary eyes but within moments of inhaling the salty air and seeing the sea, they would descend the rocky edge to the water and start skimming stones or taking photos of the sea spray.

We had a lovely escape - we walked, we talked, we ate well, I knitted and took a gazillion photos and apart from the fact that Himself was unfortunately left behind working, we had a wonderful holiday.

I promise more photos and stories as the week progresses.



  1. I'll really be looking forward to more of this Hawthorn - this is the area where I grew up, Bonnie Gallowa'! A huge thank you! Hugs, Joy x

  2. Sounds perfect. I'm quite envious. Enjoy your weekend. X

  3. Oh it is more beautiful than you described. I am off to pack my bags and move there; address please!

  4. lucky people, do give me details we'd love to go sometime x

  5. Sounds like the perfect break. Oh, apart from leaving Himself behind of course!!!!

  6. Love your castle Rapunzel!! Did you let down your hair??


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