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Cat dominanace

Himself, a little while ago, built a 'sky-walk' for our girls in our covered back yarden. It gives them that feeling of superiority over us.

They walk high above us in typical snooty cat-style looking down upon us mere mortals.
To add to the adventure, their 'cat-walk' goes around the three walls at different heights with steps and little spaces to either jump over or recline on.

 Pan, in particular loves being up there, watching us and any one else walking by. She can spend hours with half closed eyes and an inscrutable look on her face whilst having deep and meaningful cat thoughts.
 Or she could be just sleeping.....
To get these 'cat-eye-level' pictures, I had to stand on a chair!

What do you do to pander to your pet's whims?
What little indulgences do you cater for?
Go on share your ideas, spill your whimsical creations for your creatures!


  1. That's pretty cool. It reminds me of our local zoo, where the jungle cats can walk right over the visitors on a catwalk inside a fenced tunnel.

  2. How wonderful is 'Himself' to go to these lengths to indulge your (and his) feline friends, and you too Hawthorn for standing on chairs in order to get beautiful pics to share with us! They really are such gorgeous cats and obviously good mates too. Thank you for the sharing. Hugs, Joy x

  3. what a brilliant idea, I'm sure our cats would love it too

  4. Wonderful...our Willie Shakespeare would have loved that instead he used us for ladders...trouble is he couldn't distinguish when we were wearing clothes or not ...ouch!!! He isn't up to any of that now at 19 in fact we have to very often lift him up on to the bed and we allow him practically anything that he likes because he's such an old moggie now!!! I think it is a smashing idea ....you can see the cats love it!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  5. You ask......What do you do to pander to your pet's whims? What little indulgences do you cater for?,,,don't get me started!!! I could go on forever. But then he is worth it!!

  6. I like to sneak out bits of home-made bread when my husband is not looking!!! I save bits of fruit, vegetables, biscuit and cake crumbs etc for them. They also like cooked rice, potatoes, carrots etc etc. it is fun to see them eat something new. Your moggies are so spoilt!


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