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Tangerine dreams

We have had some strange weather recently.

We had this AmAAAAAzing coloured sky the other day - a most incredible orange!

The last time I saw skies with this shade of brilliant apricot-flush was, when living in Africa, the sunsets would set the evening alight as the last of the sunlight filtered through the red dust of the day, making everything positively flame coloured.

 As the evening went on and the ether in the atmosphere intensified -  the colour deepened.
Can you see a hint of a rainbow? The atmosphere was positively electric. 

Further to the west the sky deepened in shade
See that small light flash above that roof top? 
That light area was a hint of the normal evening sky as it tried to slip into the picture.

This spectacular sky display lasted about 20 minutes then faded. We had no accompanying rain just a hint of distant thunder. Later on during the week, I mentioned in passing to a colleague at work about our tangerine dream coloured sky and she explained that they'ed had been under that thunder and lightening with a massive deluge like nothing they'ed seen in years. WoW!

And you? 
Seen any strange coloured  skies?
Witnessed or been in a storm recently?

I have!! Have you?


  1. We only got our power back this afternoon after the storm on Sunday / Monday!
    It has taken a huge oak down in the field next to us - such a shame. :(
    Loving your Autumn skies though - stunning.

  2. Beautiful sky Hawthorn, and quite eerie! I haven't been in a storm recently but certainly have experienced them in the past - unwillingly and nervously! We have seen some of the 'UK and beyond' storms on the telly - terrible to see and much worse to experience personally; I'm glad you were okay!
    Hugs, Joy x

  3. I missed the wonderful sky colour you saw.... I must have drawn the curtains early! Thanks for showing me what I have missed

  4. What a beautiful sky. Occasionally we have some golden skies but I don't think I've ever seen orange. Gorgeous. Luckily the weather around here has been quiet. Last week was really cold but this week has been great. Stay safe if the storms come your way.


  5. I can vouch for how weird it was, I was driving home to Wales from Yorkshire and was underneath it. And my goodness that storm ... I never again want to encounter rain like that while on the road. Fabulous pics :)


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