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TA DA!! eventually...

Remember this?  
Last night I hooked the last few rows, wove in the ends, stitched my work into place and for the final finish - I crocheted a single row over the stitching to conclude my WIP.

Hap hap happily  I dressed a cushion in the new cover!  All I had to do was to  reach for the buttons and place them when...... well, I'll show you.

Notice the arrows?
Notice how the darker blue and cream on the right hand side is in front of the other panel?
Notice how the light blue and dark stripe on the left is ALSO in the front but on the top of the photo?
You would not have noticed though how I cussed and stomped off to the kitchen to scowl and complain bitterly to Himself about my stupidity.
I went to bed.
 This morning, after we'd sorted out a few home chores.... I carefully unpicked the stitches and the crochet.
 I then wove in all the cut threads, restitched and recrocheted the edges.
 Then, once again, I placed the cover back onto the cushion, placed the buttons and sewed them fast. Then....
 ...only then, did I stand back and finally mentally say 'Ta da!'

Poor light levels today haven't help the colour quality of the photos but I am happy :)

This evening, with the fire crackling away, a cat asleep on the hearth and me, on the settee with my new cushion cover, I cast on my next project!

Almost done - will share soon :)

Thank you for your lovely comments in the last few posts - receiving them makes my heart go squeeeeeee! at the thought of you out there reading my wafflings and taking the time to say something - thank you thank you thank you :)


  1. Yep, I'd have done that too. Love the striped cushion, and an evening in front of the fire sounds like bliss!

  2. I love this cushion cover Hawthorn, and the fantastic buttons, and think you've done a great job with it - to me that beige colour balances and brings it all together. We all do silly little things at times, but don't you feel much better having fixed it up and I'll bet you never make that little slip-up again. I have a long list of things from over the years, of daft little things, some not so little, but don't think I've made the same mistake twice. We live and learn! Have a great week, Joy x

  3. It looks lovely Kate despite the earlier problem x

  4. It all looks wonderful together on the sofa I'm really loving the buttons

  5. The cushion looks lovely and the buttons finish it off perfectly!
    It's so annoying when you notice a problem just as your finishing. It's always best to leave it 'till the next day, when it never looks quite so bad and can be easily sorted. Mind you, a good stomp before hand helps too!

  6. You can't beat finally getting round to finishing something! Says she surrounded by unfinished things and promises to finish them....

  7. Looks good. You can say ta da very proudly! But I also know that sinking feeling when you see you have made a silly error.

  8. I am so envious of your lovely finish object. I need to take a page from your book. :)
    The button really makes that pillow. Well done you!

  9. cushion looks good, had you down as more of a brown person though

  10. Love the cushion. And I'm sorry for laughing but I could just see you stomping and cussing around. I've done that myself but you fixed it and all's right with the world. I'm just catching up on posts and loved the one about the cats! Love how cats can entertain themselves and us so well. Your TA DA's are coming quickly now, dear. Can't wait for the newest one.



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