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a little hooky time

It seems that a lot of you lovely folk either went to or wished they had gone to Yarndale - it was most enjoyable with so much on offer. Beautiful wool, delicious buttons, intriguing yarns and wonderful crafty people. Did I buy anything? Well I shall keep you guessing a little longer - answers at the end of the post :)

I have yearned to get back to a little hooky time but knew I had to finish Himself's jumper before I could indulge myself. On Saturday we had planned a walk - weather had promised to be gorgeous (and it was) and on the trip up in the car, I finished weaving the last threads into the jumper and as I put it down, I instantly picked up some yarns just waiting to be played with!

Mmmm my favorite coastal colours
Considering it is autumn, the air was warm with a gentle breeze.
The limestone pavements gently radiated heat.
Eldest lost in thought in the landscape
Another brew break and a few more rows.
A cairn standing proud on the skyline. We sat with our backs against the stone and basked - lizard-like - in the sun as we watched a straggling group of teenager walkers chat their way through the landscape.
Final stop, few more rows,
I'm glad I am back with the hook,

And you?
What has made you happy this week?
Are you crafting anything new this week?

Oops - nearly forgot - did I buy anything? Well not counting lunch and much needed cold drinks for Youngest and myself - no, I bought nothing!!  Despite all the gorgeous goodies on offer - I didn't want anything!

Yes - I know - strange.....


  1. Lovely photos. On this cold and damp morning I can feel the heat radiating out of your photos. So you bought nothing? Are you kidding? Not even a wonderful button???

  2. The colours of your work seem to compliment the landscape. Looking outside the window I can't believe it was like that just a few days ago.

  3. Oh my goodness I can't believe you didn't feel the urge to splurge! Not so with me I'm afraid, I couldn't resist some of the temptations on show - have just written a post about the day. Lovely photos, and gorgeous crochet work.


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