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I was reliably informed today - that a pale face and flushed cheeks with a semi-permanent drip on the end of my nose was not a good look (at which point I had a fit of sneezing prevented my manager finishing her sentence as she dived for cover) She returned, her face covered and pointed to the door uttering 'GO HOME'

So I did.

Several cups of tea and a good dose of tablets, nasal spray and cat love later, I am sitting at the lap top with Pepper on my knee and Pan on my feet - Think the NHS should employ cats - they so know when you need a bit of therapeutic sitting on.

That in itself is quite medicinal - whether it is deemed as psychological or genuine, tea has such warming and comforting powers that I won't disagree with the feeling of contentment it gives me.

I drink tea in many forms.
I often use the'chuck-a-teabag-in-a-mug-followed-with-boiling-water-and-milk-hasty-stir-and-slurp' method. I know it will be volcanically hot but that is a risk I am prepared to take.

If there is time and the need not quite so reckless, then a teapot is selected, the tea brewed and revered. Milk is dressed up in a glass jug rather than the supermarket plastic dispensing bottle and added to the motley crew of favourite mugs and plate of tea time treats on the table. The four of us will sit around and talk and sip tea. The boys going down the 'letting-the-tea-cool-down-sufficiently-so-you-can-throw-it-down-your-throat' technique and using that cooling down time to stuff as many cake/biscuits/or other suitably naughty nibbly things into their mouths while we prefer the 'scald-the-roof-of-you-mouth-drink-it-while-it-is-hot' approach.
Then occasionally, very occasionally I succumb to a special ritual. Drinking a tea that unfolds itself like a lotus flower, filling the room with a delicate hyacinth scented bouquet. The pale amber tea feels like drinking liquid flowers.

The first time I was introduced to the delights of hand tied flowering teas was with a colleague who welcomed me into her home after work and offered to put the kettle on while I waited for an evening meeting to begin. A glass teapot was ceremonially brought out of the cupboard, a tea flower chosen and boiled water was added. 

We then sat back and chatted as the room, then the house gently filled with the jasmine scented perfume. Lifting the china cup to my lips was quite magical as I felt the steam tickle my cheeks. My entire head became suffused with the exotic warming fragrances of frangipani, hyacinth and jasmine. So delighted by the experience, I purchased myself a flowering tea and deeming a particularly dreary wet Sunday a good day to recreate the magic, I gathered my three, put on the kettle, laid out some baking and almost giddy with excitement I encouraged the boys to watch, to admire and to taste.
All that anticipation (on my part) was just good tea drinking and cake scoffing time wasted (on their part).......... Heathens - the lot of 'em!!

I was a hardened coffee drinker with the accompanying tremors and fizzing head at 3 am, I am now just as hard a drinker now - only it is with tea. I must love the stuff - I have mentioned it here  and here in 2012, here  in 2011, here in 2010 and here in 2009

All photos are from my previous blog - which, while I was looking through it for images of tea drinking I realised how much more crafting I did than I do now.....hmmmm - think the balance needs redressing. But until then.
*sniff* I am off to bed, I feel a little rough.


  1. I love tea too but agree like you when made in a mug it is so hot that it resembles a volcanic eruption. However that mug does make a lovely hand warmer on a cold miserable day.
    Yesterday I'd been out to lunch and had 4 cups of tea but still when I got home before I'd taken my coat off I had filled the kettle, put a teabag in a mug, so that I could sit down with my knitting with another nice cuppa!

    1. With my fuzzy head yesterday (still sneezing and sniffing though) I'd forgotten about the pleasure of warming cold hands around steaming hot mugs - more so this time of the year!

  2. Sorry you are not well and hope you feel better soon x. On the 'volcanic' tea note, my friend always did the same and now has a lot of oesophagal (spelling?) problems now. Take care x

  3. Hope you are feeling better and the cats are still "helping". You can't beat a good cup of tea! I'm a "really strong and just a dash of milk' person - just like my gran. Get well soon. x

  4. What an enjoyable post Hawthorn, I could almost taste your beautiful teas and just knew before reading that the men folks would scorn that gorgeous fruity flavour - I've experienced it too and wouldn't even waste my time - or special brew - trying it on him again!
    I do hope you are soon feeling better again, and in the meantime, enjoy your hot brews! Hugs, Joy x

  5. Hope you are feeling better today. Bet cats are enjoying having you home.

  6. Hope you are better now. Cats will surely help you feel better.

  7. I'm a true heathen, I don't like tea at all but do wish you a speedy recovery x

  8. I lack the cats but do have Newfies, and they are always warm...just much larger! We are forever stepping over or around them. I like tea but just in the past 2 years got into coffee never drank the stuff before, all that talk of baking and biscuits sounds good. Hope you feel better.

  9. I never really liked tea, but I'm definitely coming round to it, and I certainly enjoy a little herbal tea ritual. I do hope you're feeling better now x


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