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Birthday weekend round up

My Youngest turned 15 (yes 15!) this weekend ..... woah! Where has time gone? We spent all weekend celebrating his birthday - well why not :)

It feels oddly right that my youngest is the tallest in the family - he lopes around on slender gangly limbs. His feet are big and he leaves his huuuuuuuuge walking boots, enormous school boots and humongous sneakers all over the house - never mind them being a trip hazard they are bordering on being tank traps!

He has a booming laugh yet can still produce a squeaky giggle at the drop of a hat. His appetite veers from elephantine to picky and he is quite partial to a naughty snack when he is feeling 'nibblish'.

His birthday was on Sunday where afternoon tea was the culmination of the celebrations and as we had family coming, Eldest and I turned the kitchen into a bakery while Himself and Youngest set off on their bikes for a birthday ride out.
Youngest had requested a chocolate cake,  a really really chocolatey one.
So that is what he got!
A chocolate cake covered in chocolate :)
One happy young man.
It was interesting cutting it!
Eldest manfully stepped up to the mark and made the most delicious fudge.
He watched it most attentively
continuously stirring for over half an hour from start to finish!
Then, when it was pressed into the pan to set,
he placed it on top of his laptop fan and switched it on 
to speed up the cooling!
It was absolutely delicious.

I also made fruit scones, jam and cream and a fruit loaf,
but they were scoffed before I remembered to take pictures.

Then when all the baking was done, Himself and Youngest returned from their ride
splattered in mud and sporting the widest grins imaginable :)

All in all, a good weekend.

Happy birthday my beautiful boy- you have such a cheeky grin - keep on smiling like you do :)


  1. It was a wonderful birthday tea and I can vouch for that chocolate cake being choclately and delicious and as for that fudge............mmmmm....Ah well, back to the diet!! xx

  2. what wonderful birthday celebrations! my youngest is the tallest here too! x

  3. A belated happy birthday to youngest. The food certainly looked good and glad he had such a great day. Take care.

  4. Oh, such a lucky Youngest! Food looked fabulous and I can smell it from here. Happy Birthday Youngest.

  5. My youngest is also 15. It sounds like a good time was had by all, and that cake - so chocolatey! I can identify with the trip hazards of shoes around the place as our house is full of them, especially in doorways. I'm impressed with the fudge - I can never get mine to set.
    Cathy x

  6. Happy Birthday to your son! That looks like a very chocolately cake indeed!! xx

  7. I hope your birthday weekend was enjoyed to the best. Mom's birthday is also on cards for next month. And planning to arrange luncheon at Los Angeles venues with her favorite cuisines and desserts. Will fix her kitty date on same day with friends. Hope she likes my idea to make the day very much memorable for her.


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