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Holiday blues

Hi there, 
I'm back - did you miss me? 
Well, we've just returned from a two week break up on the Isle of Skye, Western Scotland. 
We certainly had all the essential components of a successful Scottish holiday.....
Midgies, rain, snow (yes - snow), rain, midgies, wild moorland, rain,
buzzards, seals, whales (be still my beating heart - whales!) 
Wild beautiful rugged coastlines, 
mountains, heady dramatic mountains and finally 
midgies and rain 
(I may have repeated a word or two...)

As we set off, I cast on.
Woop woop! 
 A break from knitting to give directions.
Our first full day, 
on Camas Ban - a black sand beach.
Knitting of course, picnic and walks
The taste of salt on my lips and in my lungs
The yarn mimicking the colours of the sea and the sky
 Evenings, watching the sun setting
listening to the sea crunching through the pebbles
watching the waves wafting the seaweed
 Magic moments 
knitting while watching whales
on the most
precious spit of land
with the smallest light house
I've ever seen
 The shades of the sea
the depth of blue
my knitting
Often knitting as we travelled about
equally as often
picking up stitches
coz I would be devouring the view
not watching my knitting
Going for a walk 
on airy sea cliffs
watching for eagles
forgetting my boots
getting wet feet
getting brilliant photos
getting bitten by ticks
getting a few rows done
my work grows and grows
The last evening,
sitting on a shingle ridge
watching the seals
watching the tide
breathing the air
not wanting the holiday to end 
During the inevitable end of holiday pack-up
 I lay out my work
it is taking shape
A sea and sky inspired
Sloppy Joe
Just perfect for wearing with jeans 
The day we left
the heavens opened
the hills wept waterfalls
we did not want to come home.

I cast on the first sleeve
As we navigated around Glasgow.

Tomorrow - Monday 
back to work

* sigh *
Knitting will have to take a back seat.


  1. What a wonderful post, and what a wonderful sounding holiday! I love Scotland, and if it was possible I would go there every year on my holiday. I love that blue you are knitting. Can't wait to see the completed sweater. It will hold so many memories for you!

  2. Oh I do so love Skye. And Scotland. Stop making me miss it so very much. :)

  3. What a good idea, I enjoyed this post very much.:-)

  4. Lovely to see you back in blogland. I'm with Andria as I also love Skye and actually cried when we left the island on that cute little ferry that takes only 6 cars at a time. The last day of our trip turned into a wonderful adventure. We call fleecy sweatshirts, sloppy joes, so maybe that's a colonial thing (giggle). I love the combination of colours and look forward to seeing the finished article. Take care.

  5. Welcome back! You have been missed. Sounds like you had a good time, despite the rain. Been damp here too while you were away!

  6. I agree, you were missed. Looking forward to seeing more of your photographs on your blog.

    PS. I told you, it was K1, P1, drop 3..........x

  7. A really lovely post to read. I have travelled a lot of Scotland but not Skye so I shall look forward to seeing more pictures. Midges are hungry little creatures on the west coast, hope you were able to avoid them. Love your knitted top!

  8. How great to see your holiday through your knitting progress! Both holiday and knitting look really good! xx


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