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There be faeries in these hills

Faerie Glen
A deep and narrow
magical place
Where weather stunted trees shoal on hill edges
And a ribbon of tar lumps and bumps over the land
through the disrupted landslides
A stony pinnacle called Castle Ewan towers over 
a dark lochan
Where we sheltered against a sharp shower
which had sent most visitors scurrying away

Castle Ewan called to be scaled,
Himself and Youngest soon succumbed

The rest of us less airy folk
chose to stay on the lower conical hills

There is an air of strangeness
a feeling of otherworldly
of faerie magic
It was worth braving the shower
it was worth wrapping up against the bitter cutting breeze

Follow this link for more photos 
(you will need to scroll down a little)
 of this strange and intriguing little place.

Thank you for coming along with us :)


  1. A strange and ethereal place. I think you found some magic there, and had a lovely walk too :)
    Cathy x

  2. Stunning. I'm loving these photos so, so much. That small mountain is amazing, but not sure I'd want to climb it though. Thanks. Take care.

  3. I agree, much rather be down below watching. Heights are not for me. Lovely atmospheric photographs. xx

  4. Stunning scenery ..... and sheepies - perfect!!

  5. Ooooh! Love the stone circles. We just visited on at Duddo just north of a Wooler yesterday. I was blown away by them, such a sense of wonder as to who put them there, curious and mysterious loveliness! Beautiful photos - as always!

  6. You've captured the atmosphere of the place so beautifully in your photos and your writing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I love the wind stunted trees in the second photo!

  7. Is it only me or can anyone else see the face on the fifth photo from the end of yet another lovely post? I think it shows Eldest and Another standing on a hilly lump at the right hand side of the photo and below there is a bit of road with another smaller lump erupting out of the landscape. I can see two moody eyes and a pouting mouth. Not a pretty faerie at all, rather a sad looking one.

  8. What gorgeous pictures! I would love to see this place in person. Another thing to add to my "must visit" list!


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