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Fancy a walk? C'mon then!

Our first day on Skye, we had an enthusiastically animated discussion - walk or beach or picnic? 
Our debate 'raged' through breakfast until we decided - why not do all three?
Yup why ever not?
So that's what we did!

We set off for our first micro-adventure.

 The sky soared over us and slipped in to the sea 
while the mountains looked like they were swimming!
 We walked over the boggy moorland and dropped down in to an amazing secret cove 
filled with black volcanic sands.
We had the beach to ourselves.....
apart from a few moments of pure comic pleasure.
A one eyed ewe came off the steep slope.
Looked at us one-eyedly (is that a word?)
Bleated loudly and hoarsely 
and trundled off across the shoreline. 

 Then her three lambs rocked and rolled in a chunky gambol 
as they tried to catch their mum up.
 How odd - a pastoral animal frolicking on the sands.
A precious unexpected moment 
it made us smile at the absurdity of it all!
Then, when our picnic was eaten, 
our photos taken,
our eyes filled by the view,
our lungs filled by the sea air,
we returned over the boggy moorland.

But first, 
before returning to the car we stood and stared
at the most amazing skyline

You could have heard a pin drop as we stared.

What an amazing place.


  1. Stunning, amazing, breathtaking, envious, hilarious - so many thoughts as I read about your first day. Keep them coming (can I suggest you take more holidays.......)

  2. Such stunning scenery!!! It really is incredibly beautiful isn't it. I can see why the sheep enjoyed frolicking on the beach like that. Love your photos of them! xx

  3. Beautiful photos, love the sheep on the beach!

  4. Oh dear, that is beautiful and I want to visit again. Did you see the waterfall plunging into the sea? If you come over here, you sometimes see kangaroos on the South Coast of NSW beaches. I'm looking forward to seeing lots more photos of Skye. Take care.

  5. Lovely. Skye is such a beautiful place, and so wild. I went when I was a child and remember it with great affection. I love your photos, especially of the sheep and like the sound of your beach picnic :)
    Cathy x

  6. So odd to see sheep on the beach! Those vistas are simply breathtaking. So dramatic with those lovely dark clouds!

  7. I love Skye, you make me want to go back


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