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Going for an afternoon micro-adventure, fancy coming along?

We're going to just step out the back door....
and head for the hills and the moors.

There is a brisk breeze, warm and dry.
My hair will flap and flip around my head.

 We will follow an old stone pathway, called the Moor Road
down to the village of Wycoller
Along the way, we'll stop and admire the view
wonder about the ruins
take time to think
to day dream
to enjoy a brief promise of summer. 

We'll sit on millstone grit boulders and watch the world go by
Watch out for puddles along the way
last night's very heavy thunder storm 
has left watery evidence everywhere!

 And in places, we stop and share stories
of people we have met
of anecdotes we have heard
and we'll smile and nod
as if this was the first time
we'd heard these tales.
Sharing our history with the boys and with you
helps us relive our past
helps keep memories fresh and alive.
 We can admire the heather 
and watch the bees foraging.
Then we'll work our way back home and put the kettle on
we will hand round the remains of birthday cake
and fudge
and agree that
this wasn't a bad little walk

Thank you for walking out with us,
we'll do it again some time :)


  1. Lovely local walk. The heather here is suddenly purple and looking brilliant in sunshine today. x

  2. Thank you ever so much for taking us with you. I enjoyed immensely and loved seeing all the stones, heather and views. That's a very interesting stone at your feet. Is there any story to go with it? Have a lovely weekend and take care.

  3. I loved going on this micro adventure with you!!! Thank you for taking us along, just the breath of fresh air I needed! xx

  4. I keep meaning to get back to walking again but until I do I will tag along with you! Thanks for the invitation to come along.

  5. What a lovely walk and a commentary straight from the heart which speaks of your love of all you are sensing. Living in Scotland too, we also enjoy such walks and I can really relate to your post. x Cathy


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