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Magical magical micro-adventures!

It is not often that I run out of superlatives.

But when I try to
to explain the wonderful wonderful weekend
we just had.

I do.
So, when I eventually sink 
back down to reality
I will share with you four days
of magical micro-adventures.
We island hopped, watched fireworks,
delighted in a classic car rally,
ate the most delicious pies from a farmer's market stall,
visited art galleries and art in the park
and celebrated with a town at their piped band tattoo,
we watched the sun go down
and watched the sun come up.
We tasted the tang of salty sea air
and felt the chill of the sea around our legs.
We walked and we picnic-ed
we sat on the beach
we perched on cliff edges.
We were drenched by sunlight
and by moon light.
We met an elephant.
We wandered around the 'Udderground'.
We rocked and rolled in a tent during a stormy night.
And we had a
wonderful wonderful (may have already used that word!)
micro-adventure filled weekend!

Now, back to reality :)


  1. How wonderful to hear about your wonderful weekend, you sound wonderfully happy! xx p.s. you can never use the word wonderful too much!! xx

  2. So pleased that your weekend more than met your expectations. Your narrative leaves us wanting to hear more.The pictures are beautiful. xx

  3. It certainly sounds like one 'wonderful' weekend. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  4. You only used that magical word once, PIES!!!! Sounds like you have a great time. Keep having good micro adventures so you can share them with us.


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