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Super moon

As the alarm went off, we sat bolt upright. Although still night the sharp light pouring in through the curtains was a pure icy brilliance. I could barely focus my eyes but knew it was 2.15am. Himself got dressed while I just piled on layers of warm things straight  over my pjs.
Rubbing my eyes and stumbling downstairs after Himself, we went out side to witness the supermoon lunar eclipse.
We quickly returned inside, me to switch the kettle on and to wrap on another layer and Himself to wake the boys. They soon rattled downstairs fully dressed and fully awake.
I have to confess to feeling a little light-headed due to a rather obnoxious cold, so while the boys were rather animated and discussed the reasons why the moon was red, light waves and absorption of the colour spectrum and the chatted about it's corona and whether a star was a star or whether it was a planet ...(just too much for me at 2.30 in the morning) I sipped my tea and in the dark, quietly leant my head against the kitchen wall.
The skies grew darker and the stars appeared more visible as the moon became more and more covered by the earth's shadow. Then suddenly the colour changed from an icy white to a rather muddy red with a brilliant slash of light at the base. It was a strange time - no sound from the village, no aeroplanes leaving contrails in the skies, no cars, nothing... just us and the transforming moon.  
Eldest took a few photos as did I but we both found that our cameras could not capture clearly what we were witnessing. Youngest had his tablet with him and was communicating with various friends around the countryside watching the moon too - that felt odd - a bizarre mix of ancient celestial dance and modern teenager tinterweb-pontification.
Finally when the moon had become fully red and the light slash has moved around to the left side, I had to admit defeat and go back to bed. My head was pounding and my sniffly nose was.....well.... very sniffly! Reluctantly the others wandered in after me. I must have fallen asleep with in seconds.....

As the alarm went off,  we struggled to sit upright. Although the morning, the light seeping in through the curtains was a grey early morning feeble glow. I could barely focus my eyes but knew it was 6.15am. Himself got dressed while I just wished I could stay in bed....


  1. Well done you to witness this event. I knew it was due but had not bothered to look it up. Not sure I would have got up to see it so thanks for doing this! Great photos. Next time I think will be 2033....

  2. Unfortunately I didn't see the super moon so was glad to see it on your blog. Thank you .....xx

  3. I was up too - we should have had comms! I was alone outside battling with my camera and the tripod. Pictures not as good as yours, well done. My problem was the security light would come on if I moved. Stars were amazing too. I did hear movement from No 443 and knew, them down the other end' had also crept out of bed to see the super 'super moon'.

  4. Fabulous pictures you captured.
    Get well wishes {hugs}

  5. Great photos. We did not see it here on this side of the world, but it was all over the TV. Do hope you feel better soon. Funny thing is that I've had a cold too, but sure you couldn't have caught mine, which is now the most awful sinus, which is leaving me feeling the worse for wear, hence no blog posts for me for the last month. Have trouble wearing my glasses by lunchtime, but I will be back soon I hope, but just keeping up with other blogs for now. Take care and rest.

  6. Wonderful photographs and a wonderful description of the event as well! xx


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