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While away, we found such gems which made us smile.
    Like this old wooden filling station
now converted into a workshop
yet still proudly bearing it's original title.
This little village had a singular claim to fame.... 'Palnackie World Flounder Championships'
"What?!?" I hear you say!
Well, I had to look it up too - it is all done to raise funds for charity where for a small entrance fee you get to wade out into estuary mud feeling for the flat fish (flounder) with your toes and the largest fish caught wins a prize!
As you can see- they celebrate their festivals in style proudly.

We wandered down to the harbour
and it has gently decayed into a silted inlet. 
What really intrigued me was the size of one of the fishing trawlers - huge!
 I wonder if it will ever go to sea again?
Eldest sat at the end of the grassy pier,
thinking thoughts and enjoying the sunshine.
I loved the old pier posts surrounded by grasses
 and what thought might have been Michaelmas daisies. 

The dock side buildings were gently quirky,
a beautifully eclectic mix of off-beat and colourful.
The sun was quite hot and the village rather sleepy and rather delightful, 
I suspect we'll return and spend more time exploring :)



  1. It looks so peaceful and calm. Well worth a return visit. Not sure I will pay to walk through mud feeling for a flounder! I'd happily watch you do this....

  2. I like the workshop keeping the old sign

  3. Fabulous photos I particularly like the old pier posts -- such history.


  4. Palnackie...what a lovely name. I'd also say no to feeling for flounders with my toes but what a pretty little village. xx

  5. I think that I would do the watching and supporting rather than the feeling for the fishes! It would be a very pretty place to sit and watch such goings on! xx

  6. What a wonderful little town. I loved the large boat in such a small creek, but it looks in fine condition so must get used, and do wonder how they get it out. The things we do to raise money for charity can be quite interesting at times! Take care.

  7. It looks like you had a great weekend's camping in a pretty and quirky place. I like the huge flounder painted on the wall of the pub and the strangeness of fishing boats in grassy surroundings.
    Cathy x

  8. What a delightful name Palnackie is and what a delightful place to visit.

  9. This little village makes my heart soar. How wonderful. Your beautiful pics make me feel like I am there.

  10. I often feel I've found a kindred spirit when I vist here, someone else who finds much pleasure in the simplest things. I would have been just as delighted by Palnackie as you were. In fact I'm rather envying you your micro adventures, we had something similar planned but instead have been bogged down in organising care packages for two of our parents.


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