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what a start!

I have just deleted a rather waffling story about our first evening and after reading it and re-reading it, decided I would not inflict it upon you...no, think I will ignore our soggy and windy first evening with a noisy flapping tent and I suggest you do too!

Saturday we woke early to the sounds of barn swallows screaming overhead and the twittering of pied wagtails in the field around the tent. Himself and I left the boys sleeping in their bags as we hugged mugs of coffee in the cool morning air.

 We were not the only enjoying the early autumnal sun,
a huge buck rabbit sat sleepily, yawning and washing between his toes.
And in the hedge below us a robin chuck chuck chucked crossly at something.

We roused ourselves from our stupor and woke the boys - we had a day to enjoy!
We set off as soon as breakfast had been washed and put away
to Kirkcudbright! (pronounced kirk-coo-bree)
I filled my senses with the sights and sounds
of the bustling seaside town.
Little did we know what pleasures we would have here over the next few days.

The sea was sparkling, reflecting on the underside of the fishing boats, 
while the water-worn rusted links were warm to the touch.

The town had spent the summer celebrating
and this weekend was the culmination to the festivities.
On the small elevated town green were huge photographs 
filled with images of the local fishermen
and of their fishing fleet.

The trawler behind is the one in the photo.
The whole square was bedecked in mini flag bunting
and they looked so summery as they fluttered in the light breeze,
(such a contrast to last night's wild weather).

Oh what happy start to our micro-adventures,
believe me, we packed in an awful lot
in a such a short time.



  1. Now that certainly looks like our kind of adventure, though not with the tent any more. We did that in our younger days and enjoy the caravan more, now that we are oldies. The pictures standing along the seafront were quite astonishing, being so large. Love your micro adventures and photos. Take care.

  2. Ooh, you are so hardy to go tenting! I've spent two holidays (each 2 weeks' long) in a trailer tent and have decided it is not for me! As usual your photos and story are wonderful.

  3. I also loved the photographs on the seafront. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your mini adventures. Lovely blue sky, better than we had here over the long weekend. xx

  4. I'm glad for you that it got a lot less soggy and flappy!! xx

  5. only just down the road from us!!....well, about fifty!...glad you had a good time.
    We're intending to visit Kircudbright more often, its an inspiring place!!

  6. Amazing photos, I love the old chains and the clear blue water.



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