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A letter to our tent (Told you I was different)

Dear flapping piece of green fabric,
your waterproofing was greatly appreciated
when the rain was lashing down
soaking us to the skin.
Dear shelter,
You held us safe that first night
while the wind howled around which
made me dive into my sleeping bag as
I worried if your pegs would take the strain...
...and when we awoke the next day,
with bags under our eyes
and very tired - we were dry and warm.
Dear tent,
you made the most delightful shadow puppets out of us
during the day.... 
and became magical at night....
 with your strings of tiny nautical fairy lights,
jauntily swinging during that very windy night,
all the while emitting a gentle light,
making our temporary home
more welcoming.
Dear brief holiday abode,
with your 'magician's wand' poles
which fold down neatly...
Thank you so very much.
Thank you.
But will you please... 
Behave yourself
and get back
into your 
Managed it.
 Don't worry,
we loved our jolly away with you
We fully fully
plan to take you
on holiday
with us


  1. I can completely identify with this post. I have lain inside our tent on many a wild, windy night praying that it stays up! Those lightweight elasticated poles are so much easier than the old separate, colour-coded metal ones. Your inside photo looks very like our tent when we're all in it (although a good deal tidier), and the traditional struggle to force it back into the too-small bag usually means that we shove it into a plastc bag and do it once we're home. I like your fairy lights :)
    Cathy x

  2. Glad I am not the only one talking to non-human objects! At least I can have a decent conversation without any smart, pointed, caustic comments returned! If you struggle next time to get your tent back into its bag, threaten to beat it with a twiggy/leafy branch. I find that works wonders with my incalcitrant objects!

  3. my they sure have come a long way! I remember coming across Canada in the 70's with my parents and the big old smelly canvas tent with a thousand (or so it seemed) poles! My poor father, who we painstakingly watched from the dry van, set up the monster in all kinds of weather. So right to do this ode to the modern version! The first close up of the droplets looks like a landscape...lovely!

  4. What a great post. My memories of camping are distant ones, as we now have our caravan, but when younger we had a lot of fun with tents. Take care.

  5. Just about bordering on odd,.........that's is how you describe yourself!! Joking aside, I do love your Ode to a Tent. xx

  6. Well after that rendition hopefully your tent will be bursting with energy when it springs out of its bag on your next trip.

  7. Delightful post!! We are looking to get one of those tents that attaches to your car...hopefully I'll be able to write a happy letter to it once we try it out. Marvelous pictures as usual. Hope you are well and enjoying autumn as it is slipping in. Best, Vicki


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