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Saturday's practicing gratitude thoughts

It has been a good day - nothing outstanding, nothing earth shattering but a gentle wonderful positive day.  Chores and routine things have been completed, shopping done and meals cooked and eaten.

I've been building up my stock and quietly adding it to 'my shop' - the silly thing is ...each time I do, I take a big breath, hold before I press 'submit'. Then when its done, a moment of a heady cocktail occurs filled with fear and elation before I tell myself to 'get a grip girl' - oh what a roller coaster of giddiness. 

Already I have had sales and enquires regarding commissions, I must be going in the right direction!
Now, as an antidote and calmative,  I am crocheting more rows of my 'snuggle-rug' (as this particular blankie is quickly becoming known).
I can feel it calling me back to carry on adding more random-ish rows. I am loving the methodical rhythm of the hook as it carries the yarn through, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through ... delicious.

While I work, I can think, I can plan and I can be grateful.

I can think about the future and how positive it appearing to be.
I can plan out new art work and new designs.
And I can be grateful for all the support and belief and encouragement - it is very humbling and makes my heart go squeeeeeee!

Please excuse me, I need to go and rescue Himself, he is having to share the settee with all that yarn which seems to want to engulf him with their happy colours, warmth and cosiness and I think that is MY job! *hehehehehehehehehe*

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxxxxxxx


  1. Wishing you success in your new venture, i'm sure you will be in great demand. The little hare is fabulous.
    Happy hooking!

  2. That is beautiful! I have never done that pattern. The colors are gorgeous!!

  3. Never doubt your ability as you press send. Snuggle rug looking good. Xx

  4. Glad it is all going so well, but then you have the talent to do it. Oh, how I wish I could snuggle under my rug to finish it's borders, but it was about 29deg at 8am this morning. Ugh! I only picked about 3/4 of the cake tin of blueberries, then had to get out of the sun. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care.

  5. It all sounds very exciting (off to have a quick look now). Wishing you all the very best in your new venture. The snuggle rug looks lovely. X

  6. When my husband first started to make miniature furniture to sell after he was made redundant we never believed anyone would buy it. 12 years on he's got an 18 month waiting list. So glad you took that leap of faith.

  7. Have been browsing. Love your art.

  8. Love the colours in your snuggle blanket. Can't wait to see it 'in the flesh' (when I am germ free). Had a look at your shop and it is looking good. You can do it!

  9. Should I ask what happened on the sofa?! I'm sure he was loving having the snuggle rug for company. x

  10. Susan just said a similar thing to me - it's lovely how, whilst being creative, our brains can whir away and plan and think and dream. Dog walks have the same effect on me :).

  11. What a lovely positive way to look at a day.
    I've had a quick look at your shop, the things you paint are just beautiful, you have such a talent.
    The blanket looks gorgeous, I love blankets this time of year as they are so cosy on your lap as you work on them. these colours are so cheerful, no wonder you feel positive! Thank you so much for stopping by at #HandmadeMonday


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