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What's every one up to?

Gosh! What has happened to the weather? Moss and I went out early and in the gentle sunlight we walked around our local nature reserve waiting to Youngest to hop off the bus. The birds on the pond were happily swimming or preening and other dog walkers and their equally muddy dogs were pottering around. All enjoying the crisp cold air and blue sky.

But now? Urgh!

Any hoo, I am working on a couple of commissions at the moment, which is why I am a little quiet on the blogging front, so I thought I would just popped into say hello, see what you are all up to and to say that I have set up a new dedicated blog for my art - kjsutcliffe artist LINK HERE. It is still mid construction but I would love it if you popped in and said hello :)

Until then - keep warm (unless in Australia!) xxxxxxx


  1. Loving your work. What medium is it? Weather here is still fabulous.

    1. Hi Jill, I am painting in acrylic on slate. I treat it like water colour rather than oils.

    2. I am forever being told to try acrylics. I still love watercolour. But your painting has sorely tempted me, and the slate I love too. I also like working with inks. We have a demo coming up from a professional artist on acrylics at our art group in March hmmm.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I could almost run my fingers through that gorgeous fringe and mane and push it aside so I could stroke his forehead. The grey is beautiful. I love grey's - always have done. xx

  3. How wonderful that your beautiful paintings are so popular!

  4. The horse slates are amazing!!! What have I been up to? Everything & nothing, but I must do a catchup post before the Scavenger Hunt is upon us. Thought I'd have trouble with some of those words, but think I'm OK & "circle", must have found a dozen in the archives & now can't make up my mind.
    Much cooler here this morning & blowing a gale. Oh, you could do what I've done & instead of another blog, just a page at the top & update as you need,(must do my next update soon). Have a good week & take care.

  5. I'm in hibernation mode most definitely, although I'm going for a brisk walk tomorrow morning!
    Those paintings are fabulous x

  6. Another superb painting from you. Is there anything you can't paint?

  7. You do some awesome stuff! I can't get over the pictures x

  8. I can not paint but I do appreciate the art. Your work looks beautiful!


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