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May's Scavenger Photo Hunt link up party!

Welcome to May's Scavenger Photo-hunt  - 
I am looking forward to seeing all your photos and reading your stories :) Let the fun begin xx

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  1. I love everyone's pictures but couldn't leave a comment on the ones that only allow google comments, sorry I don't have a goodle account.

    1. Yes, I have had issues in the past commenting on different blogs too, in the end I signed on to Wordpress and (forgotten the other one) so I could comment x

  2. Thank you again for the chance to join in the scavenger hunt.

  3. Just come across this how do I join? My new blog 'This & That' is a Wordpress one so I don't know if Blogger will show the url but as a keen photographer this would give me another excuse to get out with my camera.


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