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The greening

Alongside our garage there is a ladder to the roof which takes you, if you dare, high up above the garden, above the goings-on in the village. From there you can see rooftops, chimneys and beyond them, fields and trees and then to the horizon and her hills and fields.

You can catch voices drifting up as folk walk along the lanes. Their words curl and twist around in the air, making their conversations into an undulating floating sound. I can lie back and watch buzzards drift.

Up on the garage roof, surrounded by grasses, wild flowers, weeds and ferns, I can roll over look down into my glasshouse and cast a proud earth-motherly eye over the seedlings.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. The greening and rising of the sap along with the deepening of the sun's warmth has made my garden smile.
**for Fil - thank you for your lovely words about my photography. You asked how I get the blurred look around the edges - I have a sony a58 and use the macro option, get as close as I can, keeping my subject in focus. Because I am so close anything in front goes the most gentle fuzzy blur.

Tomorrow promises to be another beautiful day - tomorrow I want to wrap myself in the outside and revel in the sun and the sky.


  1. I love this time of year, especially when the sun is shining. Today I took the dogs for a really long walk to a local place I haven't been to for ages, and after months of seeing bare trees, even quite recently, they seem to have suddenly sprung into life and everywhere is green again :)

  2. Beautiful photos. Your vantage spot above the world sounds like the perfect spot. Enjoy the sunshine :) B x

  3. Yes, now is the best time of the year. Pity we can't stop the clock. I liked your advice you gave to Fil, but often when I try this with my point and shoot camera, my object is fuzzy while the background is crystal clear!

  4. Thanks for the tip Kate - I have the same issue as Lovely Lady above - my background is so clear and the foreground is out of focus - not all the time - I will take your advice and see if I can make it happen when I want not when the camera wants lol
    I love the idea of you lying up above the world and surveying it all. Enjoy this lovely weekend.

  5. sounds a lovely place to sit and just be 'in the moment'

  6. sounds a lovely place to sit and just be 'in the moment'

  7. Lovely photos Kate & next time we are over, can I go onto the roof too? Take care & have a lovely Monday holiday.

  8. I met a friend today who is an ace photographer. He said May is the month for colours. Yep.

  9. Lovely pictures. Lying on your roof garden at this time of the year must be lovely. Cats must love it too. xx


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