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With the sublime weather filling the last few days, I seemed to have let blogging slip. The spring sunshine has woken not just the weedlings but also my mojo - both of which are keeping me occupied.
There have been times when I have drifted toward my blog and then having stared at the laptop for a while, found that my energies drag me elsewhere.
Anyhoo - today, inspired by a photographer friend who spent some time in my garden taking countless pictures of emerging spring flowers, unfurling fronds and fallen cherry blossom, I picked up my camera and took a photo or two.
The garden is in a process of transformation, from a tired space, which quietly grew rangy and unkempt, now she makes me feel inspired. A magical encompassing Eden who wraps around my summerhouse and fills my eyes and head full of beautiful and delicate flowers. 
The spring flowers are providing a source of reference for my art - and by painting them - I find I am 'seeing' them in a whole new light.
Apart from my friend who seemed to crawl around the garden capturing views I had previously not noticed, I was accompanied for most of the day by Pepper, who either slipped quietly in and out of the burgeoning plants - she very quickly becomes invisible, or languishing on the pathway, soaking up the sun and watching tiny flies zipping about through half closed eyes.

Then, this evening I returned to the garden. The sky was a thin blue black colour, a few stars had appeared and the air still had a slight hint of warmth. It was beautiful. Long may it last xxxxx


  1. Great photos, I love the one of Pepper. I don't 'do' gardening, I much prefer to admire other peoples' efforts and I've found some lovely ones while I've been out and about just recently. I love this time of year too as everything seems to suddenly become more colourful :)

  2. Another beautiful post.

    For the first time I am finding my garden a very soothing place to be. I now look at the plants, rather than the work to be done, and find it peaceful, I'm drawn to it.

  3. I know what you mean about blogs taking a back seat right now...much to do outside weather! x

  4. Your day sounds idyllic and your garden looks to be a very calming place. One day hopefully mine will be the same.


  5. Stunning images. Learning to look is so good.

  6. Your photos are wonderful, your garden looks so fresh and green:)

  7. I too need to blog.... but when the weather is like this I need to be outside! Great photos as usual.

  8. Your words paint a picture. I loved to garden, no longer physically possible. I am going to attempt to draw and paint some of the flowers I once planted. Thank you for the inspiration aka kick up the proverbial.

  9. love the closeups of plants.

  10. Lovely pictures. It has been far to nice to blog, I agree. We are so blessed to have this sunshine. :)

  11. Love picture of Pepper having a drink out of the fish pond. In fact, all the pictures are terrific as usual. x

  12. Catching up after a week long surprise trip to Sydney to take care of little brother's health problems. Back today & have internet again (none at caravan park), and my blogging has definitely taken a back seat with busyness, etc, but I'll be there for the photo hunt on Friday & then possibly get back into the swing with at least some more posts for June. Take care.

  13. Blogging has slipped here too, shrugs shoulders, . . . . . . .


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