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May's words and a round up

Thank you every one who joined in with April's Scavenger Hunt - there were some cracking images and lovely new photo-hunters joining us too - so glad you did :)

 Please never feel that your images don't measure up against the other hunters - everyone's pictures and stories are worth reading about and worth sharing - your vignettes and photos enrichen our day. So thank you!
 Everyone, take a bow you deserve it :)

John - from Stray Rambler - really thought 'out of the box' with my personal favourite being the labyrinth for wood but it seems the Manchester Bee for 'My Own Choice' was the favourite with other hunters.

Fil from Fil's Songs and Stories had a magical theme running through with fairy houses and stories of Viking dog burial islands - love it! Simon the cat seemed the favourite story and picture (as was the soon to be mortgage free slip photo!) in Fiona's 'Made in a Muddle' scavenger hunt post - Simon is a particularly handsome fellow >^.^<

I have to say I was particularly pleased to say that we had not only a new hunter but a new hunter with a brand new scavenger hunt blog called la Papillion Bleu - welcome Vivienne - glad you joined us :)  Louise from Ramblings of a Roachling is as busy as ever but still managed to bosh the hunt and have a goodly selection of stories and images! Another busy lady is Lovely Lady from Threads Through My Life -  yet she too found the time to squeeze in her photos and she too is another one who thinks outside the box - love your Muddy M!

Cathy from nanacathydotcom said she found this one hard, however after she raided the archives - I think she came up trumps :) my favourite being 'I Bloody Love Knitting! - made me chuckle. Barb's Ramblings cleverly used Halloween cross stitch for letters and it was, I thought, very successful, beautifully stitched Barbara.

Sharon from Sunshine and Celandines only contacted me about 24 hours before going live saying she'd not noticed April's words - yet she still managed to produce the full list with lovely photos and interesting stories (my favourite is Hugo as a pup being 'marooned' on a rock!)

Not everyone will have worked out that Jak from Jak's Tales is my mum and she had to go into hospital for a total knee replacement. This sort of curtailed her blogging activities. So, when I was visiting her on the day after her surgery she pressed her mobile phone into my hand and sent me out with strict instructions to take pictures to match the words. I am afraid they all look like they are leaning to the side as I was not sure how to work her phone (I use a digital camera so find phone cameras a little daunting!)

I enjoy reading photo hunter's blogs from different countries as their images are often quite different - Susan from Granny Smith's Quilting is a good example. She shares lovely images of beaches and exotic views, her hot garden and Australian native animals.  Talking of animals, Eunice at Life in the Mouse House shared a most handsome dog - Sam - as her 'My Own Choice', a cracking photo taken on a flint beach.

Rosie from 'Corners of my Mind' shared some lovely photos too, I had to comment on her most pretty playing cards. The ammonite for 'spiral' is beautiful.

Last but not least is Julie from Julie's Scavenger Hunt her first photo of a rather wicked cake delighted me - fortunately looking at cake photos are calorie free (phew!) 

So, thank you one and all and 
... drum roll please ... 
this month's list as supplied by guest-list-supplier ...

Jak >^.^<

My Own Choice

We shall reconvene on Friday 25th May and show and share our photos and stories. 
Until then fellow photo scavengers! 
Happy hunting :)


  1. Thanks very much for the words and the lovely round-up. Will give me another chance to visit those blogs I didn't quite get to. 😁xx

  2. Looking forward to next month, Disaster could be a tricky one!
    Thanks for hosting and the round up. x

  3. Thanks for the mention in your round up, I'm glad you liked the photo of Sam is it's one of my favourites. I've already got this month's post almost sorted, just one subject to find now, and I've got an absolute cracker for 'disaster' :)

  4. Well what an excellent round up you did. Interesting how many of us like the same photo, eg Hugo stranded! I've made a start on this month's words and have my headache pills to hand. Can't wait to see Tigermouse's disaster!

  5. Thanks Kate for hosting this & doing the roundup. I love the little cat face featured after your Mum's blog name!!!!! And to Fiona (above), disaster is easy for me, as I make so many blunders that invariably need "redoing". (lol). Take care.

  6. What a lovely roundup, a really nice post. All the best to your Mum for a continued good recovery.

    So sorry I did not join in with this one, time just completely got away from me. I'd taken the list to Scotland with me and planned to hunt out images to fit whilst away, hmm, clearly that did not go well! Hope to do better with May's words.

  7. Thank you for your welcome Kate, it was such fun to join in and I am looking forward to next month.
    Living in a city that has been devastated by earthquakes, flooded several times and threatened by bush fires and is still recovering from all of them I think I might have to do a whole post just on disaster!


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