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A Thursday, a Saturday & Sunday then a Monday.

Plein air at a country park with friends and fellow artists.
Watching a fiery sky turn to inky black scattered with a gazillion stars.
Hot black coffee, black beef cows and calves.
Inside and ...
... Out

Now, that is a good few days if I say so myself :) and don't be fooled - there were many (and I mean many) more photos for each jolly here, just not going to inflict them on you xx


  1. How lovely :) Especially a gazillion stars.

    Somewhere in the back of my brain I seem to remember the Jacobean era embroidery at Riddleston is particularly important, and unusually well preserved. But if I slip down the rabbit-hole of going onto Google and looking it up I will be late for yoga . . .

    1. Yes the embroidery was particularly impressive and they kept all the curtains closed to prevent any fading occurring, enjoy your yoga!

  2. Lovely photos Kate of your interesting days out. I love the leaf painting & I'm sure I've been to East Riddleston Hall last time we were over. Good talking to you tonight. Take care, thanks & huggles.

  3. Beautiful photos! They say peacefulness, relaxation and contentment! Love it!

  4. Your photographs are lovely, as always. What a great few days you had. The embroidered sign is something I often say to Lily! X

  5. Keep those photos coming as it is never an infliction upon me! Lovely allium with bees!

  6. Lovely photographs to illustrate what looks like a busy but fun week. xx


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