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Friday was a good day :)

Last Friday we raced the heavy sky.
Weeding and planting and laughing fueled by tea.
Last Friday was a good day and yes - we did still get wet.
We were as parched as the earth and it felt glorious.


  1. I remember a hot Summer from years ago, as a child, my brother and I went and stood outside in the rain. My Mother went ballistic. She should have joined us.....

  2. which reminds me....must sow seeds,,now we have rain....

  3. Good to get a little rain & standing in summer showers is what we did as children on very hot days, which I expect you did in Africa too. Didn't do it in the thunderstorms though. Hope you get some more soon. Take care & have a good week.

  4. I wondered why the chap was wearing a hat in the heat until I put my glasses on and realised it was a scarecrow!

  5. That Swiss Chard looks rather splendid :) We had the smallest of showers yesterday and I stood out in it too.


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