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Hello from a hot and parched Tuesday x

Hello and happy Tuesday from a warm and dry Lancashire.  Although not (yet) under water restrictions - it seems prudent to put my hosepipe away so I have apologised to my garden and hope that she understands. I will carefully ration the water barrels for the vegetables in the glasshouse and mulch, mulch, mulch.

On a less dry subject (sic) your posts on June's words have been a joy to read. Thank you again for joining in - I do love seeing how differently you see things. 

So a quick post to leave you with July's list - hope it inspires, intrigues and interests you xx

My own choice.

I shall leave you with a photo from yesterday, from a dry savannah coloured moorland and scorched grass.  Youngest and I volunteered up at the walled garden and it almost broke my heart how dry it is. we watered the plants and put up the signs I made for the four compost bays. The normally lush and cool lawns are scrunchy and crisp underfoot - it felt like I was back in Africa.

Then as we left - we found that up there - there will a hose pipe ban effective from today*.  I almost returned to the garden to dig up all the plants to bring them home.

*understandable but sad.


  1. These words look fun.

    You made me laugh out loud re the rose

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Ooh that is a super list, I especially like 11am, which is going to make us all think!Thank you for hosting and organising this fun hunt every month.

  3. I agree, it is heart-breaking to see our plants desperate for water. Suspect there will be a hosepipe ban here too within a few days. It annoys me VERY much. Gardeners use very little water compared to households with long showers, endlessly running the dishwasher, washing machine, and so on, but it is always the gardeners who are penalised. We are an 'easy target' and the water companies can look like they are "doing something".

    There will be ~much~ carrying about of watering cans, at least that is not forbidden.

    Your July words are fabulous :-)

  4. Lovely weather but it is heartbreaking to see how dry it is everywhere. I can see plants in distress in my garden and hope they will recover when it rains. Poor farmers are having a hard time too. Thanks for the word list.

  5. Mine will be added to the camera case & taken everywhere with me. Pity about your hosepipe bans, as we do so often have them here too & just try & live with it now, mulch & replant different things I've lost. I definitely don't water the lawn, as it comes back with the first lot of rain, but do try & keep veg & favourite flowers going. Hope it rains soon. Take care & huggles.

  6. When is it going to rain?! I was looking at the landscape here today, how brown it all is. There's a moorland fire here burning since Saturday evening and yesterday a fire took hold in a lovely wood nearby too. Come on rain!

  7. I'm so sorry all your volunteer work at Malham is suffering from lack of water. Thank you for word list. Thinking cap time. Xx ☺

  8. Grass always amazes me at how quickly it greens up again once the rain returns.

  9. Thank you fir this months words, I really enjoyed my first challenge last month.
    Our community garden is suffering badly too with the weather.


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