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July's photo hunt

Wow - this has come round again rather quickly! Fortunately last weekend supplied all the images and stories and if you are sitting comfortably, I shall begin  :)

We'd huffed and puffed our way up a rather long and hot field towards the farm buildings sheltering in the trees. The difference in temperature was marked. The barn - although old and closed up - was obviously well cared for as the stonework was pointed and the roof tight. The door handle fascinated us, as Youngest commented - it looked like the body of a harp. I just had to try it out and it felt so cool and ergo-dynamically comfortable in my hand. I don't think that functional things are made as beautifully or artistically as they were before. 

As we were getting ready for our walk - somebody got herself over excited and had to be told to go and sit down on the mat and contain herself until we were ready. She watched our every move, each loading of the rucksacks, the putting on of the boots, the collecting of maps and cameras and in her mind - the best by far - collecting her lead and collar. Then she exploded and spun around several times and charged off to the car.  She was fed up with waiting!

Despite the dryness - there were pockets of moisture tucked into the deeper valley crevices, I loved the contrast of the remarkably soft feeling spiky moss against the shards of the red and grey rock.

Sunday was a relentlessly sunny day - most of our walk was on hill tops and moorland stretches and despite the essential hat and sunnies it was bliss when we found shade. I suspect Moss's favourite bit was the shade beneath this bridge - she spent a happy fifteen or so minutes wallowing around in the stream beneath the cool arch. The bridge was a wonderfully over engineered stone edifice in the middle of nowhere over a small stream - how very English!  And if you were wondering about the hanging gate, the farmers will tether a gate or pallets on chains to a bridge to prevent their stock from wandering through. As the river rises or subsides, the gate will move, thanks to the chains, to fill the space being blocked.

Our walk (which was just shy of 10km long) had good views most of the length of it. Some were long distant - like this one, others were snap shots through trees or down hidden valleys. I chose this one more for the memory of it for me. The brown hue to the grassland  was mostly caused by hundreds of thousands of Yellow Rattle seed heads. It would have been an amazing site to have seen when in flower - the hill side would have been a blanket of lime green and primrose yellow. Now, as we walked through it sounded like a thousand rattlesnakes at every step.  Youngest (ever full of odd facts) stated that this plant had been used as a 'prop' in filming and on stage for a rattlesnake warning signal. Listening to the dry raspy sound the seeds made in their pods - I could see why!


My final image was taken not far from the previous one. As we reached the crest of the hill, the wild grasslands opened up to more green and cropped. Sitting quietly was this beautifully rusted vintage hay tedder. 

There, that is my offering for July's words and images. Off to check out you lovely lot's posts - thank you for joining in xxx


  1. Lovely Kate & I'm with you, on things not being made as tactile & could we say, "with elegance", as they once were. Love the bridge & old hay rake. I nearly did 'view' with one of the Dales from the archives, but changed my mind at the last minute. Thank you for these Hunts, as they keep me aware of all around us. Take care & huggles.

  2. Its wonderful how joyous dogs are when they know they are going on an outing Hugo is exactly the same! Your walk certainly pulled up lots of interesting facts and treasures. Great story about the yellow rattle. :) . I didn't manage to join in this time, but will do my best for next. X

  3. Great photos Kate and hard to choose a favourite. I love the one of Moss, she looks so cute, the old farm equipment stands out and really makes that shot, and the shadows one makes me want to go for a cooling paddle :-)

  4. That must have been a lovely walk. I love the picture and story of Moss waiting on the mat. I can imagine her thoughts. A walk. Am I going too? I love the bridge and its shadows but my favourite is your hay tedder. I love the colours and wonder how old it is and is it still in use or abandened. ♡ xx

  5. As always, you did good m'dear :) xx Love to description of Miss Giddy Moss nearly bursting with excitement as she watches Her People get ready for a Big Adventure.

  6. Such a wonderfully rich walk full of images. The door handle, gorgeous, the bridge, love the shadows from the gate, and your own choice is simply stunning. A thoroughy enjoyable collection.

  7. Thanks for inviting me to join you on your lovely walk. So many evocative photos; I do like to see tedding machines, old, new, big or small! So that was a good choice on your part. I've not been near Yellow Rattle for years. Easily my favourite is shadows. So glad Moss got to go on the walk too!

  8. Hmm, finger trouble - that should have been "the description" . . .

  9. What a lovely post Kate, I really enjoyed the walk with you. I have 2 favourites though and of course Moss waiting on the naughty mmat and the other ie the bridge. Sorry I won't be joining you this time, will be back next month.

  10. Super photos. I like your choice and texture, also door, the handle is most unusual and I loved your story about Moss at 11a.m. eager to be out and about:)

  11. The hay tedder is amazing.
    Posted mine for this month.

  12. Lovely photos, love 11am photo

    Julie xxxxx

  13. Great set of photos.
    Intriguing door handle, cast bronze? A bit up-market for a barn door. Typical farmer use though, just nails and screw hammered in. Wish I had seen that.
    Gosh isn't everything looking parched though.

  14. Great collection! I really like your door, view and own choice photos.

  15. These photos all have such a wonderful sense of peace about them, lovely.

  16. Lovely photos Kate - I love the hay shaker thingy ... and the door handle - you're right functional things are not nearly so beautifully made anymore. Sorry I didn't join in this month, but I'm going to enjoy looking back on everyone's photos over the next few days.


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