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August Scavenger Photo-hunt!

Moss and I were waiting for Eldest to complete his day of volunteering up in Malham.
Leaning back, against a haversack with book in hand, 
I looked up and through a veil of wind blown grass heads, 
I watched clouds bob across a blue blue sky.

Pan, our 'princess' was a rescue. 
Her origins are not particularly auspicious however, 
she does not let that get her in her way. 
She has complete and utter rule, we are merely her staff and we live within her domain. 
We love her dearly and we'd like to  think, that in her own funny little way - 
she is rather fond tolerant of us.

We found this 'button' on farmland. Far away from any buildings. It's nearest 'neighbour' was rusting farm equipment - I immediately thought 'button' as in on a tractor or something similar, 
the boys disagreed but were not able to offer a suitable alternative. 
Himself thought it might be an old door knob. 
Oh ... hmmm - he's probably correct. 
Hey ho, for the needs of an image, I decreed it a button!

My dear dear man, 
who stands by me, stands up for me 
and brings me a coffee in bed on a Saturday morning,
(plus silly collie)
at the foot of Vaternish Lighthouse,

Same furry 'princess'.

I am fascinated by the history of church architecture, 
the stories that the buildings have woven into their fabric. 
Even the smallest and least imposing seem to have a stained glass window 
bequeathed to them by a long forgotten benefactor. 

Our favourite evening walk incorporates a stop at our neighbouring village green.
At the base of the wall is a trough, filled by spring water. Once the village's water supply,
due to typhoid it was relegated to decorative purposes only,
and a dog watering hole.
And just in case you did not notice the dog ...
she is the levitating idiot in the middle of the image....

Our front vestibule 
(a very posh name for the very small and useless space in our hallway) 
has a rather gloriously Victorian mosaic floor
We never see it or appreciate it, in fact I'd even forgotten it was there 
until I collected the post one morning and realised I could use the pattern for my floor photo.

Knitted/crocheted/sewn/hand made
A couple of years ago, 
I was invited to knit a guillemot for a coastal themed summer display.
So for one balmy summer, 
I had a wonky guillemot 
residing in the information centre in the delightful village of St Abbs, Scotland.

My own choice
The last day of our holidays in Skye, 
the afternoon sun lit up the seed heads of  yellow Cat's Ear. 
It seemed to depict my mood - the end of the season, the beginning of autumn,
the end of my holiday,
yet it seemed so calm and organised,
fruitful and positive.

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  1. As usual great photos but the green one (with the special guest appearance of Miss Moss) is the outright winner; what a fab photo!

  2. Back again! Done the link thing..... As for you deciding that the found object is a button, I agree with your logic but if my opinion was sought, I'd say it was a pin to drop through a drawbar on a trailer.... but what do I know!

  3. Love the levitating dog, haha, always good to see animals playing and happy. What a lovely floor, love the photos, glad you enjoyed your holiday xx

  4. I also love your floor. The photo at the bottom of the lighthouse is from a different angle and great. I struggled this time, but I was a bit distracted at the time too. I have done the "linky" bit. Take care and hope to talk soon.

  5. Well done, once again, on a great selection of pictures. Once again - I'm not there yet (but I've still got 24 hours!)

    Of course my favourite is the levitating canine! But you knew that :). J, xx

  6. Love the floor. Funny, I had completely forgotten about it, then maybe it is because nobody ever uses your front door! I think my favourite is Blue but Miss Moss levitating is a close second. xx

  7. Lovely photos - the floor is beautiful. It's good to stop and notice things occasionally. It's like that with pictures on the wall in my house...We stop noticing them.

  8. I have just sat and had a lovely look back over your older posts, and loved reading all about your trip away and and so envious you went to Skye, I have been once and vow to return. Beautiful images there and here too.

  9. Great photos but that one of the dog is absolutely fabulous - that's a prize winner - it's guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.
    But I love blue too and all the the princess pics :) And your own choice.
    Slowly gathering mine.

  10. What a stunning selection of photos again:) In common with lots of other commenters, I love the one of Miss Moss levitating, but I have to agree with you on your favourite. I love that picture as part of your blog 'header'; it's a lovely shot from an unusual angle. Also think that's one heck of an amazing floor - how lovely to have forgotten about it and then have it gifted back to you by doing this photo scavenger hunt! x


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