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Hello - remember me?

We've been away.
Far north, to islands small and wind swept. To beaches of white white shell grit and dunes so high they tower above abandoned cottages. Where skies are huge and crofts are small.
Far north, where the sunsets fill the sky with fireworks of orange and pink and whales quietly feed as you watch from a rocky cliff shore.
Far north - where I have left my heart and long to return.
I will show you and share stories once my head and my heart have come to terms that life has returned to normality and waking up to the sound of the waves, the smell of the moorland and the taste of the salty air have been replaced by driving to work, listening to the rain and waiting for the washing machine to finish chewing through the holiday washing...

Until then, a quick round up of July's photos - thank you everyone who joined in, I know a lot of you were away on hols (thanks for the emails to say you were away and not joining in :) ) but to those die hards who still managed to find the time AND the photos - thank you!!

Wildaboutwords has a wonderful eye and has used her summer holiday to collect some excellent pictures, my favourite is 'Secret'.

Jak's Tales has a lovely selection too - I have to admit to having a favourite one - also 'Secret' but then, that little blondie in the greenery is my Youngest.

Lovely Lady of Threads through my Life has captured an amazing image with her 'Reflection' I love how the bridge and it's mirror image make a perfect circle.

Granny Smith again has joined in and quite coincidentally took a photo at the same place and the same year as Eldest at the Lakeland Motor Museum - how amazing is that, especially when you realise she lives in Australia!

Eldest again joined in and I have to admit to being a very proud mum when I see his photos - my favourite being his lamb picture for 'Soft' he has managed to get a really close up shot of it's face.

Julie from Julie's Scrapbook had me chuckling with 'My own Choice' and story, despite all her blogging issues I am delighted to see she managed to join in! Well done Julie :)

If I have missed you off - my apologies,with being away I am a little out of the loop.

Just one last photo from our holidays - to whet your appetite and to remind me of a wonderful wonderful fortnight  we had xx Speak soon.


  1. All those photos have already whet my appetite and can't wait to see more. Glad you had a lovely time although I know from a certain someone that the weather didn't always play it right. I think I've only got one hunt to catch up on. Take care and have a good week even though work isn't really beckoning just yet.

  2. Hmm, photos two looks remarkably like Skye and the Cuillins so I'm guessing you might have been somewhere between Applecross and Gairloch - which just happens to be one of my most favourite places on the planet.

    Welcome home, look forward to hearing The.Adventures.Of.Miss.Moss !! This must have been her first ever holiday, the first time in your darling girl's life where she went away with her pack and played games all day :-) , What was she like when you got home? Did she rush around excitedly to check everything was where she left it? xxx

  3. Welcome back; good to have you back even if you wish you were not here! Photos give me an indication of a great holiday; hope Miss Moss had a good time too as I suspect it might have been her first holiday!

  4. Absolutely stunning photographs. Desperate to read more about your adventures. It looks like what we have in mind for next year. X

  5. No, no don't show me photos of your hols - I have to wait until next year to get up there and I already have very, very severe sea cravings. :-~ I mean I'm glad you had a great hol and I'm sure the photos will be lovely but I can't look until normality is resumed or I may go crazy.

  6. Glad you are home but know how much you wish you were still on your beloved Skye and islands. Absolutely gorgeous photographs. Can't wait to see more. The colours in that sunset are out of this world. xx

  7. I love the photo!! I love travels and what a cutie that dog is. Glad you are back and feeling energetic now I imagine. I have this deep soul love for the ocean and yet I live land locked always! :( I have to live vicariously.

  8. It's so hard to make that transition back to normality after a wonderful holiday, isn't it? I find it usually takes a few days - I know what you mean about the washing machine. Looking forward to seeing your photos.
    Cathy x


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