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Fishing - on a grand scale (pun fully intended ...)

Dotted around the islands are sculptures designed to make you explore and appreciate the landscape. Himself had discovered there was a mackerel sculpture near Loch Na Madda, (Loch Maddy) and wanted to find it.
We parked up in the small coastal ferry town and followed the instructions. Dotted around were wind turbines and their blades wined and screamed through the brisk breeze upsetting Moss.

We will never know about her history however certain noises frighten Moss - we are at the moment fighting off the vacuum-monster which terrorises her greatly on a daily basis.

Youngest kept a firm hold of her lead and constantly reassured her - with support we are overcoming her fears but it will take time.
Our route took us along a rose lined path around a small forgotten stony harbour filled with rusty chains and cracked buoys. In places a board walk added to the lovely airy feel of the short walk.

We found our catch and spent quite a while admiring the artwork. The eyes and some of the scales were made with sea glass while the mosaic patterns of the fish scales were in locally collected grey and silvery-white pebbles while the detailing and shadows were created with the darker brown and black pebbles.

I decided that the board walk with its wooden planks and wire netting was beautiful too - the geometric lines contrasting deliciously with the rock and wafting grasses.

It was a delightful part of our afternoon and apart from the wind-turbine-terror-demons we loved it.


  1. Poor Moss, perhaps it is better we do not know what has caused her fear, just concentrate on overcoming it. She's only been with you a relatively short time, I would be surprised if things did not improve over the coming months/years.

    Do you remember how petrified Daisy was of water when she first came to me? She still really doesn't like it but will now tolerate getting her feet wet if we come to a stream or puddle to wide to jump over, but it took a couple of years to make that much progress.

  2. What a gorgeous place and the fish is 'amazing'. Poor Moss with her scary things, but with all that loving care, I'm sure she'll overcome it. Huggles to all and take care.

  3. What a fabulous mackerel! Glad Himself wanted to see it; I too loved the geometry of the board walk. Stuck inside today as the weather is foul here so this little walk brightened up my day! Thanks.

  4. Wow, some catch! What a beautiful sculpture, so much work gone into it too. I also love the board walk with its netting over the top. Looks like it was a lovely walk. xx

  5. What a great piece of art. So unusual for it to be lying across the rocks - brilliant!
    Cathy x


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